Lost Ark First Experience New End Game Guardian Raid Bosses

Trying out the new Raid bosses for the first time in Lost Ark, lol.
Looking forward to taking down these big bosses in Open Beta!
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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  1. biliqgamer

    @steparu, is there any Pay-To-Win elements in your opinion about this game so far??

  2. Gasem Almigdad

    how come i never see a Card mage in your party are they bad or something

  3. CrystalEmbrace

    the bow looks like one of the harder classes in terms of how mobile you can be during a fight I imagine you need somebody taking aggro when fighting :o just so those lock down moves don't get you killed

  4. Zakeru

    Will be Nice If you speak sometimes xD

  5. Bryan Chong

    This is what we called “BOSS”! Just literally kill u with one hit

  6. Chief Impact

    dam step this shit look nice hope we can play together when OBT comes around cuz imma I need some help doing some of these raids it looks like @steparu

  7. Lucas Gabriel

    Beautiful beasts

  8. Highlights Delivery

    Instead of waiting for NA/EU release, I'll just wait for the JP version, they usually don't have IP ban and are not P2W.

  9. eUxPoYSoX

    the new guardian looks awesome o.O

  10. scowarr

    Are you guys hitting enrage timers? Like if you don't kill the boss in a certain time it just wipes the party?

  11. Kevin Yang

    Watching this after another Bless Online update video cleanses my soul.

  12. Разведчик

    ждем релиза Стёпа)

  13. Alexandre Apelfeler

    This game as not been released yet? Or still beta? Obt?

  14. AgeTV

    This game looks awesome, good thing we'll be getting it in 10 years ;)

  15. Afterhours101

    UGH…. just come to the US.

  16. Philip Phan

    This game so amazing but character moving so slow , boring . If fast x2-3 now is good than

  17. Djafer Chelihi

    The ranger kit looks so bad low mobility low damage output high cast time abilities.

  18. D5'9H2BhxQVUCNW5!k#.4Q%DIAuIWSpmRotEL"XeMo#Wl*mcg5


  19. Rudolphu

    Im too hyped for this

  20. M Q

    cool game,,, shame its still in beta for like 10 years,,, and its only in Korea ;/

  21. unnero1

    I dunno, seems like lazy design, half the difficulty comes from not being able to see shit cause of the close camera.

  22. Parzival knowledge

    update us if its release international

  23. Azri Miswan

    Fantastic beasts and where to get killed by them.

  24. Sly

    Pewwww Pewww Pewwww ( What is making that noise?) i would literally go nuts if i have had to hear that the entire fight

  25. Rahim Elshebani

    .how t play this game

  26. xuhiken

    Step, why are u guys not healing? I mean u cant use potions? Or healing in itself is disabled, like bards can heal cant they?

  27. blackklopi

    hows the endgame? a lot to do or just grinding for gear and thats it

  28. Noyelum Halim

    that bird is still annoying

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