Lost Ark Final Test — Sailing Tutorial Quests

A short preview of the basic things you can do out in the ocean~!
The world map system reminds me of old-school console RPGs.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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  1. Abner haumang

    so if its like this then, there wont be ship battles right?

  2. Gabe The Dog


  3. Sae Vg


  4. sikerow

    How much bigger is the map now?

  5. david bryant

    They need to hurry up and give us a english release date 😭

  6. Sage Pirotess

    Installed the cbt today. After an hour quit. So boring. I miss Astellia. This game could be auto played or mobil.

    No need to overhhpe this game. Even soulworker and bless kr were more enjoyable.

  7. アジサイ

    Does anyone know what will happen after this final test?

  8. Regina Lee

    Lv 37 in 12hr omg

  9. 7down bo

    enjoy this game Korean people

  10. DreadedMisfit


  11. Lee Yeon

    Was hoping for some giant monster in the sea that u can fight

  12. Solar Sailer

    stepu, im glad to watch your playing :) i am also playing lostark on this final cbt!!

  13. the Moguntian

    I like how they changed Sailing this way. Diving is a new feature?

  14. honeysana

    how are you able to download these foreign games efficiently without any viruses? i tried downloading 2 foreign games (1 chinese and 1 korean) and needless to say my computer went straight into the trash can in about a year because it couldnt turn on.

  15. 검정색고양

    You better go see that bloodborne island this time step!!

  16. 검정색고양

    This is so cool.
    especially those lil clips when you try to get chest and go under the see

  17. GhostHunterz

    Why dont you stream? would love to see you stream all the games you try :9

  18. B4B4 B4B4

    could you like show how to get entrance to the final test beta ?

    cause i have problems with the verification system ur link leads me to.

  19. Lord Metallium

    I so need this GAME when its coming out to NA stepuuuuu XD?! wheeeeeen XD

  20. IBerZerKI

    I wanna play this game :( !!

  21. Zeeka

    I'm really jealous that this game will come out in Korea sometime this year finally, and here we are in the west still praying T_T

  22. KingWingy

    have they even mentioned anything for an EU/NA release yet?

  23. Marin Ivanov

    I just want to know is there a lot of re-skins for the armor sets cuz i´m watching your vids and your character seems to be looking the same all the time. Which may lead to the fact that the only way you can look different is buying a skin which is rly shitty

  24. Ali Salih

    If i have the time i will probably learn Korean for this game lol

  25. TesGon

    Jesus this is very much the best thing I have seeen in games lately.

  26. TheXarfay

    which lvl do u need to get the sailing quest?

  27. monkaS 123

    I can't wait to play this game.. and I'm guessing after the kr release, maybe English version will come out perhaps?

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