Lost Ark FCBT Story Castle Siege Hawkeye Gameplay

A preview of the story castle siege mission as the new Hawkeye~!
They did some graphics update so there was lag in certain parts.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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  1. Luca Pergamo

    Great lost ark videos as always!

    Hope you can show the super saiyan(not sure what the class is called) too sometime soon 🤗

  2. impectkkd

    첫날에 영벽까지 진행하다니 ㄷㄷㄷ

  3. Gytis Pranskunas

    Can some one explain me what is this game ? What I mean by this is, this is MMORPG or what ?? From what I see here its some kind of single player game.

  4. 희연

    So this is where Hawkeye went during the fight between Avengers and Thanos in Infinity War.

  5. Prixm

    Cant wait to play this on KR!!!!

  6. Lenny D

    Absolutely fabolous! Hawkeye is even more fun than the sorceress!! Much appreciated!!

  7. Thomas Frerebeau

    game feels so boring and slow compared to a Diablo

  8. denmark espejo

    thus game seems like Blade and soul before..it takes a million years of CBT after the final realse at NA english version lol

  9. purextreme

    Can you guys imagine lord of the rings made this way by these developers😮

  10. Claudio Rodrigues

    with games like D3 and Poe beeing so popular in the West , i really dont know why taking them so long to release this in English Eu/Na……

  11. Tom Revin Kolevski

    Why do i get the feeling that priest guy is gonna be a new class. hmmmm

  12. vasilia s

    10:11 FATALITY

  13. attakforce93

    2018, still point and click system….with Millions of dollars of investment….WOW amazing.
    And ohhhh the release in west market is really far….Epic..

  14. fui neuse

    go fr et non pay to win s'il vous plait

  15. Kraisto


  16. Mimeniia

    Nice but Im not an ARPG scroller fan.

  17. kizu

    Iam waiting since 2015

  18. Nathaniel Owusu

    1:40 Got some Lord Of The rings action going on :D

  19. Nathaniel Owusu


  20. Los ?

    Damn after watching this video I'm so F'n hyped for this game. Can't wait for it to come to the west. LA take my money already!!.. BTW great video and keep us informed.

  21. D5'9H2BhxQVUCNW5!k#.4Q%DIAuIWSpmRotEL"XeMo#Wl*mcg5


  22. XP Dupla

    So its the Blood Castle of MU

  23. flamechicken

    too bad we'll never get to play this game heh….

  24. Rowel Tancio

    As soon as he started hitting the drum it reminded me of the “battle for middle earth” LOTR xD

  25. SuperCHAOSXXX

    WTF his hand is sliding upwards when his climbing up the ladder :D.

  26. Nic G

    This is hands down the coolest action style mmo ive seen in a long long time geebus! thats amazing

  27. Martin Shibby

    Look really fun and good

  28. Soychiro 971


  29. Jrodd0

    sry, but the battles remind me so much of diablo.

  30. Frederick Venturina

    english versio? or no

  31. Bryan Chen

    is that possible for foreigner (SEA) play on this game? english version?

  32. Romas Noreika

    Need this in EU :) Loading…… :D

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