Lost Ark FCBT Necromancer’s Dungeon Gameplay

My guild member and I ran this a couple of times for our weapons!
Once we got our weapons, we went to Shadow Tower 30 low set.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 38
  1. Nightmare

    should have added the birb sound when dancing 9/10

  2. Gabriel Cardenas

    Después de esto, el cielo.. ;)

  3. Mariusz Szewczyk

    This game looks soooooo good

  4. Amur Ika

    Fukin sick

  5. cygnus39

    What's with the sniper? Nuke skill? Lol

  6. Lucas Freire

    나이스 게임플레이

  7. John Ferreira

    The class ranger looks OP, man. What other class also looks OP , man???

  8. Battlehummel

    Nice vid Steparu— but dam that bird tweet would seriously annoy the F out of me over the day of farming

  9. Marcos Nicolas Amoroso

    that bird sound is fucking annoying for fuck sake!

  10. Mask Kun

    nice, hawk eye is my fav class in this game

  11. YetiGuin

    Is there any website where I can see a list of the current characters/classes that are out? Or coming out?

  12. Luca Pergamo

    Hawkeye is looking very stylish 👌

  13. soulfulfool

    will it ever be released in europe? want to play it

  14. Anakin Sepherd

    coolest high tech archer skills ever seen

  15. Aw Hann Haur

    i want english or chinese version

  16. Sabin Florin Sacaleanu

    This looks boring.

  17. the Moguntian

    That Hawkeye Class is amazing :o

  18. BerserkBeast


  19. Bork

    No SEA server? :(.
    I hope this is not Diablo all over again.

  20. sciicers

    This games looks like so much fun

  21. FPS God

    When can we play this game, I am impatient! :(

  22. 怪物 / Ka¡butsu


  23. thaRealDABG0D

    hey Steparu, what's that green leaf level at the bottom left?

  24. Sullisaur

    god i need this game, I NEED IT NOW, I'm so bored of all the shit thats out there right now :(

  25. Medina

    Unreal Engine 3?

  26. DenGood BLR

    какая это бредятина, это просто ппц

  27. Omega Contagion

    Does anyone know if its possible to turn off Damage numbers in this game? I really hope so. Whenever there are big chain attacks, all you can see on screen is an explosion of numbers…covers up all the cool effects it looks like. super lame

  28. Daniel Lapointe

    Hey steparu is this game ever gonna be released in america? It has so much potential every fan of mmo's would buy this game.

  29. Nuts Lee

    Hey Steparu,do you know some video to watch to create account and download Lost ark ! im come from italy.

  30. Jonny Juan

    is this game comming to west eu/na?

  31. Oudestai

    yeyeye on eu/na in a year or 10…

  32. Space Gecko

    Steparu's Hawkeye > Fevir's Hawkeye

  33. Igor S

    Any idea of when this game will release the open beta?

  34. LordBattleSmurf

    PeW PeW PEw PEW!

  35. 420Friendly

    2025 on NA/EU region.

  36. Jaran

    Want more blood for the glory of Satan!

  37. Rayn Man

    how the fuck is this shit a necromancer?

  38. Claudio Roberto

    What "Cabal 2" should have been and was not …

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