Lost Ark Dark and Frost Duo Regioros Battle Summoner Tripod Update

The Regioros twins return together with more damage and speed.
Devil Hunter was soloing one. While we killed the Ice one ASAP~!
The other one randomly comes and helps the other, gotta be careful.

http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — F2P Open Beta

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  1. Damalago


  2. AzureRoxe

    We truly need this game, hopefully with a half-decent Dev that won't shove it full of microtransactions.

  3. Snoopy25

    I'm dying to play this game, but can't :/ don't feel like spending ~$30 to lag to death cause of ping difference and not understand a word of what I'm clicking on. I just realized… is it click only? no WASD?

  4. Trai Harder

    I was wondering how this raid would work out looks interesting. Thank goodness they are both on top of you the entire time. I just hit 335 myself and onto scorpion 🦂

    You excited to try out the weekly raids whenever you get to that lvl? I bet they are crazy.

    Also Loved the music and dance for the ending vid very fitting for life skill look lol. Thanks for showing the stats and skills in the vid.

  5. NoBacK

    19:00 Duki !

  6. monoside07

    Keep reaching the developer on FB and their site guys, we need this game on global release !

  7. Icham

    this is awesome, it really feels like monster hunter! one of them suddenly assist the other like party pooper XD

    also this probably the first time i hate korean VA, i cant stand the FAAaAaMESHIIii voice lol

  8. Teio
  9. Philipe de Souza Santos

    wow 20 min to kill both D:

  10. 찌아오디앤


  11. Hung Le

    Ste OP 😤😤😤😤

  12. Alpha Omega

    Damn, one was soloing


    how come you have more skill points? as im trying to use your build, I can put horses on 9 only and 7 points left ?

  14. Subin

    One thing I am really disappointed about the raid is that they seem to be reusing the maps and the soundtracks for multiple bosses. After all their efforts to diversify the leveling experience with amazing dungeons and different mob designs throughout the continents, I feel like they could have done better with the endgame contents.

  15. Leonardo Farias

    Awesome display of skill, really hope they bring the game to the west (and if there's a god, a good and honest publisher will get the rights)

  16. Similak Child

    Them shitty NA publishers will fuck this game up so badly when it gets over here.

  17. Pendulum

    i kms when this dont come to global

  18. Bleach24Ichigo

    Hi Steparu. Always a nice Video xD is this fking awesome game only playable in Korea? Did it come to Europa as well? Greetings from Austria

  19. NoGround

    I don't know about the troll. Seemed to be getting 2-shot a lot.

  20. Alin Madalin

    it will also be launched in Europe ???? tnx

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