Lost Ark Crystal Maze Labyrinth Gameplay from CBT2

If you take a wrong turn in this place, you get ported back to the start!
Crystal Palace Story Version Preview — https://youtu.be/DajLeA_6GNc
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — FCBT Soon!

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  1. FinnelAT

    Wow This game still in beta?? It's been in beta for years now then!!

  2. dronebr

    is that it… run for the boss, looks sh.it.

  3. Tarkus

    Leave it to NA to over hype a game that would probably get published in the West in 2019…

  4. BUFFALO666

    This is like Metin2k19 <3

  5. 유박

    Do u have a email or something I can contact u?I can get lost ark cbt 3 test in May. Account application will start on April 19.If someone want to play in May mail me ([email protected])

  6. Вася Помидоров

    Too fat mobs…

  7. Buddlust

    thanks alot for uploading all these lost ark videos! <3 you're amazing :3

  8. # ACE

    Steparu What about other classes? Will you play other classes?

  9. Jandabear Gaming

    Have been following this game for a long time now. Hopefully a western release is on the cards!

  10. Andy Liu

    Will this be another pay to win game…… I don't believe in MMORPG games anymore, always a money hole and price for things are so high that they don't make sense anymore….

  11. Haetora

    Gotta be some western companies that can see the insane potential in the game and hopefully try to port it over to the west…

  12. ImKeggs

    doesnt seem … hard? or dangerous?

    hope they spice it up at later levels

  13. Nicolai Søndergaard

    Man I want to play this sooooo bad. Thanks for uploading some gameplay!

  14. Rob Neko

    Blade and Soul all over again…coming to the west when nobody cares anymore…this is annoying

  15. CJ00014

    I was so hyped for this game before, then I got BDO and my RPG thirst was quenched

  16. Garlic Avenger

    Why is there only ever footage of summoner gameplay… Sick of these glass cannon ranged classes. Need some melee class vids. dying to see berserker, Warlord and the 2 brawler gameplays.

  17. 유노TV

    로스트아크M 으로 내주세요

  18. Orsted

    If you want to play Lost Ark so badly, then just learn Korean. It would be way faster than waiting for NA's or EU's release. This game won't come here in the nearest 1-2 years for sure. Maybe it will be here at early 2020 who knows? As for Korean language it is very easy to learn, a lot easier than it is with other Asian languages. Took me two weeks of lazy learning to understand what game wants from me and communicate with Korean players normally.

  19. Bell Idrael

    Meh, if I wanted to play Diablo, I'd go do that.

  20. NicolaBlackXIV

    This game will be obsolete before it comes out.

  21. Ponyponypony Pony

    keep that garbage walking simulator out east for the garbage gamers

  22. Joel Normandeau Mercier

    Is this game coming to NA or what?

  23. Khoai Tây

    Just keep the game and play with your staffs, we don't need it anymore.

  24. iz420iz

    Why are the monsters always frozen/ministunned from the smallest of hits? They dont fight back even just a little. seems so lame…

  25. S3çl3t Nundak

    hipeee release for Eu? fucck :D ty Step for new gameplay have fun.

  26. Ehud

    Maybe president trump can push it with the Korea leaders so it will come to usa faster

  27. RD Not-system

    path of exile on líne is more good this game open in nex universe dimension

  28. RD Not-system

    50 years to open this game

  29. West

    Do they wipe the servers/delete characters after each CBT?
    I'm just waiting for the OBT and I'll play it in the KR server, Idc if I don't understand anything, I'm just too tired of waiting to play it.

  30. Jaylious Yew

    I'm so envious that you can get the CBT..

  31. John Foote

    Not a word spoken between teammates. Even when they finished the dungeon, not a "gg" or "ty for pt". Just feels like there's no sense of coop, just run past mobs, fast as you can, only fight when you have to break a door.

    No strategy to bosses, just dps and avoid red circles…

    Don't get me wrong, the graphics and animations looks great, and I've been following this game for years in anticipation. But the more videos I see, the more they look like this style of run and gun, no cooperation, no strategy style of gaming.

  32. sikamika9

    looks like diablo 3 fail all over again….pass

  33. Kermit The Architect


  34. Badou Music & Family

    how play this game ? thx

  35. the jagger

    and we never can play it in eu…

  36. Maximilian Volke

    Crystal Meth?

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