Lost Ark Crazy Heretics Field Questing & Dungeon Final CBT

Normal quest and story gameplay with an instanced dungeon.
Hawkeye is pretty good, not sure if I will level up an alt in FCBT.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 33
  1. 검정색고양


  2. Ricardo Batistela

    What is that F2 item

  3. kenichi5388

    How long we have to wait?? uuggghhhh

  4. Jhon Denver


  5. Renato Amorim

    What is your average ping in this CBT, Steparu?

  6. Biju

    What's your pc spec?

  7. Harok9

    This looks so polished and the devs had the freedom to design how they wanted to, even without p2w elements according to interviews. look at that combat, variation, love in detail and animations. everything looks like a next Yuge diablo 2 comeback but as MMO!!! HELL YEA. fckn slay like diablo, but in new graphics and u can meet people around without having just instances. (ofc this game has some)

  8. Hoowwwww

    Can you please show more MMO content, and not focus on single player shit ?

  9. Sage Pirotess

    The game is a dudd. sure some parts of the world look nice. As a cbt 3 tester, it plays more like a mobil. Pretty world, small instances, could easily put auto follow auto play on this for mobil. And his ship videos, any archeage or bdo would be like wtf.

    KR archeage, Soulworker, Bless kr, Air, So many games drag you in, but look how lifeless and solo that game is in his videos. And your flashy on videos but look lame while playing.

  10. Aytunc Usta

    this game İS FREE TO PLAY OR NOT ???

  11. Ace mvp

    Lets hope we can finally play this somewhere in 2019 ;/

  12. AntoKats

    Classes are gender locked in this game?

  13. Zakeru

    Yo steparu what is computer Spec please

  14. sdvfgsfa assdd


  15. Locke

    1:00 Nice shot, Senpai!

  16. Stellacept Tekai

    I just love how the people like
    oh hey look intruder
    runs away
    aww he got away let just give up and continue what we are doing
    even though its like their own territory

  17. Titanic Tuna

    The Game is defintely shaping up to be good but if you ask me I think the mouse cursor looks UGLY. They could have it change when hovering enemies at the very least, a minor nitpick I know but these little mostly unnoticed things are what help propel an experience, Good game though.

  18. Nathaniel Owusu

    20:39 Dragon Ball Confirmed

  19. 01linker

    look so much like diablo no?

  20. Watoto Pototo

    wait, so it's still in CBT even in Korea?

  21. Braxx


  22. TheArtz19

    looks cool but difficulty seems a bit low unless thats low lvl. but i guess if its not translated it doesnt matter much.

  23. Pedrito Aki

    I Hope they make a pk PvP sistem like global mu online.

  24. sia jin

    This game is in 2018 open beta

  25. Willian Fiorio

    quando vem para os meros mortais aqui?

  26. TesGon

    WIll have to buy Korean acc to play this…

  27. okita sougo

    the version you playing now is not finished yet??? + play with other classes please

  28. Xelnaga

    will this game release for other server except korea or jpn ?

  29. Tomasz Nazwiskiewicz

    Europe in 2021 pffff fu

  30. John D

    Pretty much the only mmo I'm willing to drop money on. Everything else is so disappointing.

  31. GeneZis

    Hey steparu! Can you somehow disable this annoying eagle (or whatever this bird is) sounds? :D its insane haha

  32. Hector 1981

    How much GB is huge this awesome game . and release date from EU , and how much cost

  33. Cătălin Sal

    this is like a 2018 remake of Lineage II, but as an top-down mmo, god i would love to play this

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