Lost Ark Chaos Underground Mines — 305iLvl Party Dungeon — 3x HAWKEYES!?

The new Chaos Party dungeons all have gear score requirements.
I’m not really liking this new system, I don’t like being gated by iLvls.
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  1. henkingu

    if this game is this beautiful on UE3.. I can't even imagine how Project TL is going to look with UE4

  2. AnimeGames 60FPS

    When exactly is the official release

  3. darkfanther

    Keep up the good work Stearu. Do you know if they have a plan to release it in the West ?

  4. Mandra

    I'm so hyped for this game I don't feel like playing anything else because I'm afraid it would be a waste of time when I switch to this one x)

  5. James Pradera

    How do you get in the closed beta?

  6. Gabriel m

    Im in love with this class style. Its so badass u

  7. Mask Kun

    lol 3 hawkeyes zz

  8. Hung Le

    very ncie, i love it. Hey Steeeeeeee :3 can u do some PVP clips :D .

  9. Nightmare


  10. Sphierro

    Can you release some PvP videos if you get the chance?? I love this game already

  11. Min

    Thank you so much for uploading these videos! I have a question: if your character dies in a dungeon, is there an option to revive or are you forced to quit the dungeon?

  12. PavorNocturnus

    Step will you share any pvp video?

  13. Joel Gächter

    Which class did you have the most fun with playing thus far?

  14. AndreaMN

    I hope they change the eagle attack sound after a while it gets pretty annoying at least for me

  15. C T CHUA


  16. Lenny D

    Being used to grind in D3 (sensless grinding of paragons) this system of equipment-level gatekeeping is new to me and much more interesting to me. To me it feels like: "Ok, you've grinded to get good gear, now we will reward you in giving you extra dungeons you can grind (hopefully) even better gear". Watching you doing new content, and especially the ride on the wagons makes me re-live my childhood memories when I was wathcing Indiana Jones movies and feel the sense of adventure I was always striving for. I have two questions about the new dungeons: 1. Do they give better gear (i.e. 310-315 lvl) and 2. what does it mean when a monster does not have a level indicated but is signed as "??" ?. Thank you very much for sharing this with us, I've enjoyed it immensly. :)

  17. bizzzzle

    From what i've seen those mini bosses inbetween the dungeon serve no purpose?? they don't drop anything. Seems like you can skip them and just get to the final boss as long as u don't get swarmed. I'm i wrong?

  18. Zakeru

    Steparu you dont stream anymore ?

  19. Oppo Ram

    Whaaaat, I wanna see what's in da box, why did you cut the video of steparu chan? :'(

  20. N3wG1e

    this game using UE4 right ?

  21. Little Pix

    Hiya, you're not gonna play Bless Online anymore? I used ti watch your old BO videos and it's kinda sad that you didn't make any new ones ;-;

  22. Kalfyr- Lucas Monsores

    Nice classe, Nice vídeo.

  23. anatoli kornilov

    so after 8 years of development its going to have boring and easy corydors for dungeons? its sad to see one more game geting killed for the mythical casual players

  24. ChocoLemon

    this looks like ragnarok in a better graphics ~!

  25. Gata-Oo

    This new system is garbage

  26. SayNoTo Libtards

    i just jizzed my pants

  27. Gust Warner

    vpn what country do you use?

  28. Denzel RJ

    Lost ark is released?

  29. The pink bat in ragnarok

    Is the game f2p or buy2p model ?

  30. Sonny Delight

    beautiful game.. I still can't wait

  31. Pupah

    game looks sicker from beta to beta, but im concerned about the AI of the mobs, it really looks like it's really easy to do pve in this game, as a matter of fact, i never saw anyone die in any of the dg runs u uploaded. thx for uploading these btw.

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