Lost Ark Chaos Ice Labyrinth — 380iLvl Dungeon — Final Test

More Chaos Dungeon Grinding for better iLvl gear T_T in the FBT.
They might change this system since a lot of people didn’t like it.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 38
  1. ML4Tisme

    PLS MMOGods bring this to EU somehow !!

  2. Philly John

    I really love this game ,it has something….

  3. Min

    Thanks for uploading these videos!

  4. Katmilla

    I need this game's global release… but for now, continue studying Korean.

  5. Luci lou

    i think i been subbed for like 3 or so years and not a week goes by where there has not been multiple vids soooo good job and keep up the hard work

  6. Nothing In life

    This game not for android

  7. Lenny D

    Thank you very much for this video…much appreciated! <3 Please could you be so kind and answer me, is the gear that you won't be using no more, or gathered but of lower lvl of what you already have (such in this case) worth more salvaging or selling (blue, green , purple or epic gear)?

  8. ts n

    Why is 3 out of 4 party member play the same class, and all of them are ranged? Are they the most OP and melee not viable in this game(at least at this point)?

  9. Huy khang

    Thanks for upload these video :D

  10. Nyark Tolegna

    Is the starting area different depending on your class ? I would like to play with friends and starting with differents areas is such a pain. Thank you very much steparu ~

  11. Разведчик

    waiting to release in EU

  12. Tory

    ranger is popular

  13. Michel Gusti

    Region lock?

  14. lets make a baby

    Guys can u please tell me if they gonna realise this game in europe please and for when ?

  15. PiratePineapplez

    feels really polished, i am digging the style tbh

  16. Rudolphu

    Oh my god, I NEED THIS GAME

  17. abad gonzales

    hola prros

  18. Spinzair

    I have bad feeling that it gonna do so bad in eu bc we have the worst companys here who likes to bury games into the abyss sadly enough

  19. AJoX

    at this point , the freshly annouced diablo 4 will come sooner then this :/ looks dope tho

  20. Carlos Hernandez

    dumb ask this game have lv max 380 ?

  21. Claudio Roberto

    Cabal Online 3…

  22. Tiago Silva

    Is this another diablo 3rip off?

  23. Tarkus

    Heh half way through only realised there are only Gunners in party >.<

  24. BumDumb

    "Final Test" is it?

  25. Gustavo Biancarelli

    Quero muito jogar esse game 😍

  26. Andrey Lima

    That bird is annoying as fk

  27. Andrés Meza

    OMFG!!! I just can't take it anymore!!! How do I get to play the CBT if I am not korean nor in korea!!!! SOMEBODY PLS HELP!!! my life depends on it! ps. awesome videos! keep them coming! this is the only thing keeping me alive rn!

  28. Healing Hoe

    Can you elaborate on your comment, "They might change this system since a lot of people didn't like it."
    Is this the system used to obtain better iLvl?

  29. james teh

    Can I see your basic stats and combat stats? thanks

  30. I Keelo I

    Seems like all the ranged characters look a lot the same. Is the customization in depth as far as gear or even just the character itself? Or is this something they plan on doing later?

  31. Real Skaarj

    bad combat system… while 8 of 10 skills are on cooldown… lawl…

  32. Johannes Sommer

    Can i play this as a europe member ? When they release it in korea

  33. Izanagi Tsukuyomi

    This game on ps4 pls!!

  34. aaron dellaway

    is this game going to be a WESTERN release plz? ty

  35. Bunndog

    I need this game already ;_;

  36. A D

    Is this game hard? i like hard games

  37. Marcos Nicolas Amoroso

    Are they gonna fix that eagle sound? its fucking annoying.

  38. Fat Chub Chub

    When will this game be released for SEA?

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