Lost Ark Chaos Gate Short Gameplay CBT2

Chaos Gate speed run with high-level players and gear, boss melted!
https://youtu.be/a4_yfUy9KDo — Chaos Gate Full Run Gameplay
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — FCBT Soon

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Комментариев: 24
  1. DansFightClub

    I love you

  2. Mert1313

    Do you have fps drops in fights like this?

  3. Raven Design

    Is there difficult stuff, but i mean really difficult like some wow raids, like bosses with good mechanics instead of big health punching sponges?

  4. iROXAS1

    the bad thing is the cam
    its to close to the character and when the boss is big u cant see him, u will be able to see just half of it

  5. TheXarfay

    which class was your favourite one?^^

  6. Hung Le

    Nice niceeeeeee :D and what server are you playing. if i were able to join into CBT3, we could play together :D

  7. philipi yuri


  8. Kyle Tan

    I love the top down view and the graphic style looks amazing together!

  9. Despair

    I thought CBT3 already happened

  10. Mercenary128

    English ver. never?

  11. Regina Lee

    Release in 2018 is officially confirmed HORRAY >_< <3<3<3

  12. Sander Ambroos

    Hey Steparu, i hope i'll be able to see you in-game soon! I registered for CBT3, so i hope i get an invite! :D

  13. BerixPlay

    hi Steparu can you show us in next video all currently content in the game? mini games mount itp? (or say what's be added in the future craft mount max lvl customization etc) Thanks Godd Gameplay sorry for bad english i don't say well in english

  14. neko mimi

    maybe you can get some gameplay from the steam version of bless..i am sure you will get lots of views, as the game's release is getting close.

  15. Derek Freeman

    Looked way too easy

  16. Tiago Santana

    Hey Steparu, please create a hawkeye on CBT3, I never asked for anything ♥

  17. Major Spam

    Soon boiiz

  18. Ilker Pektas

    Steparu do you have a discord channel or sth where followers could join in? Will be happy to join if you have one.

  19. XP Dupla

    Can I play with GTX1050TI and FX 4300 plus 8GB RAM ? Because I thought I would play Black Desert… But the FPS is like 15 =(

  20. SemGrad

    wowowo fap :3 thx u Steparu !

  21. Ivar Grahn

    Can someone tell me why the classes are gender-locked?

  22. Przemysław Wiśniewski

    Small and beautiful interface :D I like it :)

  23. Tiago André

    Omg, CBT forever ???

  24. ToSemFome


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