Lost Ark CBT2 — Level 50 Field Boss Dark Chuo — Zerg and Lag Fest

Zerging the Dark Version of Chuo! Fairly easy with a lot of players.
It isn’t as strong as the one-shot Dragon boss that everyone ignored.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — CBT2 END

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Комментариев: 44
  1. jeremy lowe

    Are you just releasing videos from an old CBT over time? This ended a while ago right?

  2. DarkNoctis Vi Charm

    can't wait to paly this game english.

  3. Mert1313

    I will enjoy this with my 3 fps ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Cesar Cab

    All I care about is the global release Date dammit

  5. NekorinSG

    Are world boss drops based on individual instead of only top teams get the drops?

  6. cjatienza

    thumbnail looks like Tamer Pet from Black Desert XD

  7. dave karlen

    any idea when EU release?

  8. turandot1987

    Looks like ELOA… that's game comes out as a 5y old crap

  9. Job Gutierrez

    hola …que especificaciones tiene tu computadora? para saber si me funcionara :D

  10. 유노TV

    이야~~ 이런게 모바일로 나와야 하는데..

  11. Léo-Paul de BARDONNECHE

    Is it possible to play with unlocked camera ?

  12. bighomie jomar

    this is at least gonna be less demanding than black desert yeah? I survived on mid to high specs on that depending on the situation. I'm assuming I'll do alright with this too.

  13. Leonardo Alves


  14. Claudio Rodrigues

    no lag no breaks even playing on Jp? server, amazing optimization , love it :D btw curious if you can disable other players skill effects in options ?

  15. Miguel Felipe Calo

    Korean mmo world boss = high hp, high damage, no mechanics. :/

  16. Taka Michinoku

    God, watching this game makes me so hyped but also makes me miss Marvel Heroes, which was such a good ARPG. All we got now is Path Of Exile. I just hope this game makes its way internationally.

  17. Lechko

    I am still amazed at how I managed to run the game with my shitty PC. Anyway it's worth buying a new one, just to play this.

  18. Александр Акамахи

    Солянка анимаций, ничего не понятно, хз как в это играть…

  19. Xalva Rioz

    wow that is really entertaining that is really good boss mechanic right there..what a great game


  20. dean morello

    I think ive lost my hype for this game now. its been way too long in the making also look at how many people are playing cbt the advantage over other players is just atrocious. I know most people will proberbly lose their data but that's besides the point its game knowledge that pushes players ahead

  21. Pantogyios Giwrgos

    The players look like lineage 2. Or its only me seeing this?

  22. dodge

    any news on CBT3 or open beta ?

  23. Harry Ford

    This game have clusters like Mu Legend?

  24. Followgoblin

    wtf :D

  25. Prometheus

    when is this game coming out in the US?

  26. sammy caro

    buena mi hermano

  27. GunStrikerX

    I'm just curious about the loot system… is it the "WYSiWYG" system or the loot is visible to other player as well, so you need to grab it asap like the old style loot system? if it's the later one, I might be losing the interest of that game…

  28. RyuuMasato

    god i wanna play this so bad!

  29. RoadRunner

    seriously, what the fuck is this? when it came out i was so hyped because I expected more than just brawlers. There is absolutely no teamplay involved, there's only one class in this game, with different characters that have different animations… wasted potential just like black desert. 😔

  30. diG

    meanwhile, still not available to play in my region.

  31. falclao

    I want to gently ask anyone for a STOVE account, as I can't create one myself because I'm not Korean, thank you so much

  32. Between.the.two.worlds

    Wish this game would release already 😔 I really wanna play!

  33. A-jay Bacsal

    potang ina nmn kc ang tagal i release eh

  34. Tom Haung

    When is it going to be ported to us westerners

  35. Ysil La

    So messy just like bdo:(

  36. Stevanus Felix

    anyone got news when its gonna playable on SEA ???

  37. kseries1981

    looks like a shit show

  38. Jogandolândia

    i'm still waiting, have 4 years

  39. Kyle Mattson

    381 million health wtf this looks boring attacking a boss that 100's of level 50 players needed to pummel this thing into a comma.

  40. Josue Cabrera

    whens it coming out ……………

  41. gerald geri

    hey step, we are now in '' last moments '' of lost ark, now will be last beta, do u know if there is chance that game will be release in eu too? cuz i've heard it wil be released this year but nobody knows if only in kr, someone says chance for global.

  42. Katrina Girl

    this raid >? no tank ,no healer >?

  43. J.W.

    i kinda feel bad for the boss… look at how many ppl there are tryin to kill a poor doggie

  44. Temijin

    Чуть не заснул… Красиво, но скучно!

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