Lost Ark Card Game System Preview Final Test

As someone who played a lot of card games, this system is meh.
I was actually expecting something better, not AFK auto stuff…
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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  1. Whats it Play?

    This game is a huge huge mix of stuff it's kinda crazy.

  2. Whats it Play?

    This is like rally lame card game I'd rather see a magic the gathering clone

  3. Hunter

    Great video like always. Step can you tell me what program do you use to reduce video file size or do you just upload them like they are?

  4. Chris

    The game looks great but this is so basic.

  5. Tye Roberts

    Hey Steparu, going to be covering any of the NA Bless Online release?

  6. Kiyopon

    Nice video. But i’ve been wondering, will this game be f2p or b2p?

  7. Aluka Gozen

    So it's just smacks back and forth ? xD

  8. hovsep56

    Do the drinking game

  9. Dandelion

    Hey Steparu, can you actually read Korean and Japanese or are you wingin' it?

  10. Bugaj PCMR

    does it have any deph? or it's just clicking one button?

  11. TakiiWalkii

    Wtf is that ?

  12. Lenny D

    Thank you for showing this aspect of the game to us….this is the first time I've seen the card game shown in a video.

  13. Ace mvp

    For a second there i thought i saw kitty cat dva…

  14. Diego Milazzo

    hey steparu can we play the game already? there are guides or something like that?

  15. dougfax

    Actual game not even out yet, and theres a card game already? LUL

  16. schippes24

    i wish they stopped adding features and features and features. just get it out already and start on a release for us western spies. those mini-games would be a nice addition for later patches though

  17. Misa Pheonix

    Jeez, they even put a card game feature in it now. No wonder it's taking years eh!

  18. Ik

    >_> Give me that voice bew.

  19. Syed AliAkbar Rizvi

    Honestly the first game feature trailer that was released for Lost Ark impressed me. The card game system shown in that trailer looks more like Hearthstone and TES Legends. But this…. this is disappointing. It looks more like those Chinese pay to win card games you see on mobile.

  20. sun vs moon

    So Lost Ark will EU/NA or not? :P

  21. RimaSuit

    Somehow I got some wow pet battle vibes (maybe the comparison is bit stretched). kinda nice side game to play for those who want to bother.

  22. Tzͨuͪyͦuͧ

    no one cares about card game in an amazing mmorpg

  23. ChiMin Choi

    80-90percent of the fun in this card game comes from collecting cards and making the deck. The actual game isn't fun but some of the rewards are pretty good.

  24. walied XIV

    thxxxxxxx waitng for this long time

  25. Emily Hartmann

    Hug computer asleep interest return fluid so elect scheme print.

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