Lost Ark a Magical Dungeon Inside of a Giant Golem Final CBT

Just quick Normal mode playthrough of the last Tortoyk dungeon~!
The Golem which is actually the whole island told us to come inside!
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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  1. masaki23joe

    I am surprised that they are waiting to release the last two classes and the remaining 6 advances classes for open beta. I would at least want 2 betas to make sure things are balanced right.

  2. PrivatesPlay

    can't wait to play this after 3-5 years… sigh

  3. Ander Rivera

    Boring and slow, D3 4 ever.

  4. Oudestai


  5. Tấn Nhan

    My hype is almost gone

  6. Arnaud Monfort

    great graphism… but the system economic… asiatic game it's the cancer…

  7. Daniel H.

    Hey Steparu, what's been your favorite class to play so far?

  8. CitadelG

    Anyone selling an account?

  9. Silly Buttons

    Cock and ball torture until I get to play it damnit!!!!

  10. Salty

    what a nice dungeon..

  11. Kristian Ludvigsen

    Pull everything, kill it, i bet it will have a cash shop too. And it will not be pay to win lol. Just like every other eastern game these days. Pretty package but ugly money grabbing inside.

  12. cocoblizzard

    good looking game but seems super slow and without any challenge. Anyway it will never release in the west…so what i'm doin here?

  13. Wreck

    I hope this wont end like Tree of Savior. In my country ToS is already dead. So much hype from the beginning of introduction, but after a long delay of release, people just think it's bland.

  14. Arcie Baric

    TERA game[lay haha

  15. Peter Quill

    Soul fighter is strong eh?

  16. Blu Skye

    Loving that Buddha's Palm move :)

  17. BlazeStoneZ

    Which VPN your using steparu?

  18. Will of Fire
  19. Armand 2176

    those walking eggs looked like the easter eggs in that movie Guardians….

  20. Overkill NP

    That game makes diablo looks like crap

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