Lost Ark 400iLvl Gear 41 Life Skill Crafting & Platinum Dungeon Preview

A preview of the crafting, life skills, side dungeons, 400ilvl prep, etc.
I have a lot of raiding videos, but not much around crafting, enjoy~!
You can also craft a 280 and upgrade to 385 gear! Linked below.
I recommend the shoulder piece, I heard it’s the easiest.
The materials may vary per job or class. Go Life Skill Crazy~!
You will hit a 385 wall later and might get stuck 1-2 days.
You need to upgrade at least 2 raid gear to 390. Don’t break early.
OR if you get lucky with accessories, then you’re good to go.

New — Apparently there is an exchange scam NPC.
Trade in 25 Acracium for one Acracium 2.
You’ll need to be 400iLvl to use the NPC.

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  1. iWusca

    "now i need pants" …..what pants!? XD gg

  2. Vireca

    3 questions Steparu
    1- How do you level up life skills? Through quest?
    2- Do you think 1 character can have all life skills?
    3- Do you think is important to focus on 1 life skill like in Albion Online? So then with guild mates you can exchange mats and do platinum dungeons, so each player only harvest 1 thing. Maybe is more efficient?

  3. HumanAimbot

    I'm currently lvl 14 in lifeskill, and I cant gather "salt flowers" because my lvl of herbalism is 2 and im using green tools. What should I do to increase my lifeskill and upgrade my herbalism? I just want to upgrade shoulders to 385.

    Great video!

  4. 개미왕/ Ant King

    I'm curious about something. Do you have a conventional 9-5 job, or is your work youtube/blogging/gaming etc? @Steparu.com

  5. Muphasaa89

    Where can I find the platinum dungeon ? I will grind there too but didn’t find :/?

  6. toni

    Steparu, do you think Lost Ark has a good optimization?

  7. Yne Cö

    400 ilvl already jesus christ not even a lot of Koreans nolife it that hard

  8. Goldy

    Never seen this game before. It looks to me like a mix of Revelation Online and Maplestory 2. Which is a good thing, I guess?

  9. KitoNya

    that spell at 12:49 what she says when she summon that lava worm or drake ? it look so cool ..

  10. Legionar

    hey Steparu, ,what Skill tripod setup are u using now ?

  11. Ehud

    Thank you, great info and vedio

  12. LoreD

    Please more videos like this one!

  13. Mi mundo Artesanal y Digital

    I wish you class (character) when i can to play in my country <3
    Nice video

  14. Moo Moo

    Is it hard to purchase more bag slots?

  15. k u r o s h i

    "I don't need tokens so I'm giving it to someone else"


  16. Mehmet Soyöz

    What is the benefit of lumbering? Currently im levelling lumbering

  17. Javon 4000

    Steparu any reason to min/max any of the gear? Or is it pretty much just get your gear score up to get to the next tier of gear? Just curious been watching a few other streamer and it seems ppl are just straight B lining to the finish line 😐

  18. abdías ovallos saavedra

    :o this game is surprising me more and more.

  19. X Kobe

    When is this coming out to the west? I need a game to play lol

  20. Beatmastapat09

    man u do everything

  21. Victor

    is the build you are using meta? if so i would really appereciate it if you could link it, thanks!

  22. mickael Payet

    hop i can play it in 2019 hloypleas

  23. Juan M

    is there a pk system

  24. jo shining

    thnx a lot for the explanations i was lost about platinium field lol , btw are the mats reward the same at any level i enter platinium field ?

  25. Ahmet Özgür

    So which lifeskills we should focus on ?

  26. Remigiusz M

    Do you think its mandatory to use life skills to progress with your gear? Im already collecting hearts and doing raids. This life skill method seems… easier tho, you dont have to really fight anything ;)

  27. cht5001

    Someone's gotta ask. Its 2018 and we're all wondering. Is it P2W and how bad is it if it is P2W?

  28. Alisson Vieira

    Very nice video! I did not understand exactly how you got the showders parts from those chests, I thought it must be crafted in NPC.

  29. Trai Harder

    Great informational video. I’m interested to see what the other pieces of the PvP gear look like tho lol. Guess I need to pvp a bit more

  30. Cristian Andro

    Damn this game… when for eu?

  31. J J

    Love these videos with no commentary, like reading a guide in a really long and drawn out shitty way that's not easy to reference. Too bad mics don't exist.

  32. LoreD

    Step, do you think is worth having the last mining skill always active? mining will consume 2 tools but you can get ability stones

  33. Rav_Enous

    What's the easiest way to get blue tools?

  34. Necrolic VG

    Maybe silly question but how do you enter platinum dungeon and which lvls can get into?

  35. dean morello

    i really want to try this but their is no way too T.T

  36. Romas Noreika

    Thank you for this video :) May I ask what FPS are you getting and what CPU and GPU are you running on your PC?

  37. Time Traveller


  38. Bella Kiss

    Why the sound of the game in korea is so cool??? In russian server the sounds are horrible Q.Q

  39. ElectronS

    can you raid or dungeon with this gear??

  40. HerTelden

    what name of this map

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