Lost Ark 3v3 PvP Save the Summoner Save the World! 300K DMG Team Effort!

Time for my favorite PvP mode in Lost Ark, duo Q with Soul Master.
My team actually protected me so I was able to deal massive DPS.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — F2P Open Beta

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  1. Hong Joo

    Oh Hey! I am on this video!!! I am the soul master ha!

  2. 메타몽냠냠

    I want to see 3 Arcana ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Alonna Frazier

    I need this game in the US right now…

  4. Dravity

    Lost ark looks soo coool, cant wait until it releases. :D

  5. Grug

    Why does it feel like summoner is doing such crap damage =/ For such long animations and flashy effects I would expect It to do half of people's hp if you actually land something… Meanwhile a random punch from another class gets you to 50% hp instantly lol.

  6. B Golite

    Anybody has upload lost ark data to an external site/mirror? I have to try download via stove with Korean vpn but again/and again failed after 30% or less.

  7. Idk Idk

    clickbait, i added the damage up at the end and it only came out to 299,999.. shaking my smh

  8. Razgar

    Glad it's not 1 hit kills. This is what Diablo needs to take notes from. We never got PvP that was promised in D3.

  9. 바이올렛


  10. DamnedMachine

    Is it just me or does Summoner have several "ultimate" skills?


    is lost ark free to play or there is a english version for free ????

  12. Dao sadface

    This was if Diablo and Blade and Soul had a baby

  13. Ahmet Gurdic

    Why would anyone want to waste time playing something where a casual and a hardcore player have same chances to win pvp lmfao

  14. Viy D

    just the arena! the most dull gameplay

  15. Necrolic VG

    You cant play it at eu yet right?

  16. Vadim Kananyhin

    Fucking annoying heartbit !!!!! hate this shit from bless online.

  17. James Estep

    what tripods were you using?

  18. mikiescopetero

    This game will be a shit btw

  19. Tanoshii

    could you show us your pvp build?

  20. kutay bahtiyar

    any pvp specc guide ?

  21. BusyBasaz

    299999* DMG Team Effort!

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