Lost Ark 3v3 PvP Gameplay Matches vs 3 Hawkeyes and More

As requested, here are some more PvP videos against other jobs~!
00:03 vs Summoners 05:51 vs Soul Masters 11:21 vs 3 Hawkeyes
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 28
  1. lets make a baby

    This game is dope

  2. Ron kevin

    Master steph, intel GMA hd with core i5 can play this?

  3. Jeihmes Thales

    any date to release?

  4. Thusky

    unfortunate we don't have more terrain destruction and that abilities don't just vanish into the ground but affect it, performance would take a hit but I consider UE to be able to handle these in 3V3!

  5. Diogo Hipólito

    Aww yeah more of it, thanks <3

  6. Azai

    Oh i miss ELOA online😇

  7. 鬼Gozu

    mage classes look clumsy in pvp

  8. Diogo Hipólito

    Really enjoyable XD best content. BTW does the game feels p2w?

  9. Max Venicios

    Hello Steparu, can you say how get access to next CBT (or OBT) ?
    i looking hard but not found any way to access this CBT and i dont wanna miss other.
    Nice gameplay by the way hehe !!

  10. aqua EnFolie

    great videos I love! tell me how do you play this game if you are not KR? i would also like to play how i can do ??

  11. Nightmare

    It finally happened x3 hawkeyes , now i need a world boss only with hawkeyes

  12. hard mode


  13. Sakujo

    Pvp like MOBA game

  14. Flounder

    Dam man Steparu you make hawkeye look broken af, then I realized you stomped three of them in the last round. Teach me your ways Senpai.

  15. فهد IIMAX2KII

    how can i play this game :( its soooo cool

  16. linegrinder

    How does the arena combat compare to Battlerite. Because Battlerite is very reaction based and fluid and optimized. Is it the same case here?

  17. dean morello

    has the release date for na or oce been announced?

  18. Yolo McSwaggins

    i love archer classes. and WOW you out-played em for a good bit. i wish i knew KR lol

  19. YOLO!

    been wondering does this game have freedom on skill builds? like 2 hawk eyes one is build for long range battle the other one is for area CC?

  20. Demetori666

    This looks mad fun!

  21. Over Lord

    I made an account but need third part verify if any 1 can do it to me plz add me on discord :Mister Trololol#4336

  22. halil cooper

    eu server on?

  23. Moe Qamber

    iv been waiting to play this game since 5 years,,, when the fk will they release it :?

  24. ArtofDylan

    since i tried dragon nest pvp, all other mmorpg's pvp is underwhelming :(

  25. Alluka NoMi


  26. Big Man

    Отличные битвы!!!

  27. Noel Niñal

    Looks promising!

  28. G0dz1

    Please share your hawkeye skill build

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