Lost Ark 395iLvl Dungeon Gameplay Easy Boss Final Test

Soak up damage and focus on coordinated attacks for the last boss~!
Adds have either regen or DoT. Have to kill adds at the same time or fail.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — Final Test

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Комментариев: 29
  1. Crimson Haze

    pls tell me all your characters can share the inventory in this game

  2. Korty

    i don't know a lot about the game cause i only saw videos of it and never played it yet, so i cannot truly understand your lvl and itemization but this feels too easy to me. Maybe is a wrong impression but in the entire video, also at the end with multiple huge explosions, u never even risk to die once.. It's beacuse you are really strong at the moment in those beta circumstances or you can tell, as i do, that the game feel a little easy? At least for what we know now..

  3. Beenso Gurenso

    I WANT DIS IN EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ustinkyfoo

    can i get this on mobile?

  5. 92

    How are you playing the game?

  6. 安東尼

    This game is similar poe/diablo?

  7. Drakken Dragous

    200USD/account. Why dont they remake the original MU online like this ?

  8. ShiranuiN7BOII

    So hard to chose between Hawkeye and Devil Hunter…

  9. Pitt Besthoff

    League of Legends + Black Desert Online.

  10. Rock Fossil

    Diablo is outdated

  11. Tarık Palaur

    Biz EU bekliyoz adamlar oyunu korede bitirdi

  12. D. Graze

    that final boss is so dope.
    did the loot worth it ?

  13. Loh

    game 2019 graphics?lmao

  14. Venar 5912

    EU release 2070 … jesus christ this pisses me off ….

  15. Alex VrotMneNogi

    mmo with out pvp/war like lineage in 2019? And localisation on mail.ru for russian? no thanks

  16. ANO BA? DAPAT ?

    holy shit im turning 80

  17. •ꓘųRø

    English versión ?

  18. iviko

    My grandchildren will probably enjoy this game

  19. Eryk Lebiecki

    eu waiting xD

  20. Arya GameVlok

    Lol when wellcome in indonesian

  21. Anderson Matos

    Im need this game NOOOOOWWW

  22. BOXLighT

    the gameplay is just so boring jesus crhist

  23. Chen Chris

    Diablo3 OL

  24. TheGoodSamaritan

    this is kinda promising game sir. im honestly dont know what class to play if ever there is an english version. i want to play em

    i hope casual gamer can play this game.

  25. KriTika

    So can i play it form bulgaria?

  26. Black hole
  27. ZatoichiX

    Play the russian server now! with english patch and use exitlag!

  28. XP


  29. HitmanHero

    Wait! This game already out?!

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