Lost Ark 335iLvl Tier 2-2 Guardian Raid Nakrasena No Bard

Just started farming this boss, maybe one or two days to gear up~!
Once you break the Scorpion’s tail, he loses a lot of his skill set XD.
http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ — PC — MMORPG — KR — F2P Open Beta

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  1. GermanStrands

    No Bard — No Party :D

  2. Tenma

    Bard is healer right?

  3. Soonie Mini

    Love it!!!

  4. frealms

    Yup, still looks fun. Nope, still can't play it xD

  5. Trai Harder

    How are you gaining ilvl so fast? Are you upgrading the raid set or something else? An how are you getting those white gems so fast?

  6. Hung Le

    Ste OP :D , btw, how to get your short pants outfit, as i guessed that's not the one from the cash shop, i saw quite a lot of people have that but don't know how to get :D tkssssss

  7. michele paolone

    Hi.can u show or link your skill build ?

  8. PolowBornFly

    Seems like the cast speed would be a tad annoying

  9. moin

    god fucking damnit i cant wait for this game to come out in the west.

    really fancy playing a Bard

  10. ShadowDark

    que le hicieron a ese pobrecito escorpión que esta tan enojado

  11. Rodney Campbell

    Is the only way to play this game in the west still needing to buy an account from someone?

  12. Baracuda

    Thank you veery much for your Videos Steparu :) I wish i could play this Game and understand the Korean Kanguage.

  13. LoreD

    Hi step. Whats your top 3 classes for PvE?

  14. Exo Ehin

    The story of this game seems so good to follow!

  15. Dream Dive

    I cant stop thinking Guardian Raid is just awful version of MHW.
    Unnecessarily huge map with empty interactive feature.
    No CO OP feature, just hit and dodge individually.
    entire game is good and there are a lot to do but everything is minor copy of other game…

  16. DD

    the way that they made how the ladies walk is a HUGE TURN OFF of the game.

  17. Joseph Sta

    you char look nice to play but we dont see a clue what is goin on on the boss since you are MAX range lol

  18. Cold Blood

    What's the system requirements for this game? I'm new to your channel btw

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