Lost Ark 330iLvl Tier 2-1 Guardian Raid Chromanium

This actually used to be a Tier 1 Boss. Good start, tilted last minute.
Using an 80% Armor down build. Hold Left ALT to prevent auto path.
The next Raid fight should be the shiny looking Gold Scorpion Naks!

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Комментариев: 27
  1. Milk Candy

    turtle boi is so tough :v

  2. PauloB

    What do you mean by auto path?

  3. Trai Harder

    I need to finish crafting my armor. I have a few pieces and the weapon so far.

    Why moss? Did you just want the constant dmg?

  4. vasilia s

    Thats it! Im going to curse every lost ark player because they play the game while i cannot :'(
    Localize pls :'(

  5. Marc Poole

    Are all of the "raids" basically just fighting the same boss over and over again with very few mechanics? Still hype for the game but kinda disappointing by this fight



  7. DeAtH

    steparu is it possible in this game to have all your 8 skills at master level

  8. wxcvbn azerty

    Hi , thanks for the vid !
    Do you know why every guys have 15k or more hp in pvp and me only 5k pls ?

  9. くおう

    How do you get more item lv. Quicky i got so many trash from chaos 305 :/

  10. MrPRInce

    Got Back from Work. Turn on Fan, sit back and click Steparu new Video…

  11. User A

    Steparu, is that actually how you're supposed to use Eagle? Just hold less than 1 second? I've been just holding it lol.

  12. Bogdan Chirescu

    In this open beta there are the epic raids? Or not yet?

  13. Noire

    what is that 'S' skill used for ? it seems like you click it , then cancel it before it fully cast o_O

  14. Urich

    성장 존나 빠르시넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  15. M3h3ndr3

    how does healing work in this game? everyone is almost dead and the only way to get life back seems to be dieing and respawning. Is there no lifeleech etc? Bosses so far seem to give melee classes an unreasonable bad disadvantage. Looks like a ranged meta to me :/

  16. _m0use

    Hello there! I see crown on right corner.. What is it?

  17. doubletriple

    what a fun game, 15 minutes of punching a helpless stupid turtle

  18. Shilong Guan

    Hi Steparu, I'm wondering if the bard necessary in the dungeon

  19. Dante Dean

    When is they going to release this for mobile

  20. Medina

    Can you do a graphics comparision between min, med, high and ultra?

  21. zoepie streams

    pls check out the game rangers of oblivion, its a monster hunt game on ios and android with superb graphics at 1080p and 60fps…..

  22. unnero1

    It's good, but it seems like half of the difficulty is the camera becase almost half of this thing is off screen.

  23. Dravity

    Cant wait to play blaster when this (hopefully) releases in EU.

  24. 거지탈출

    i'm 허당.kkkk hi

  25. abay yoo

    i think my mouse gonna broke in 1 month if i play this

  26. DonisAugusto

    Porra queria tanto jogar mas eu n tenho Pc

  27. Ewwch

    I usually don't play these type of games but it looks really good! I tried Divinity 2 but It felt like it wasn't for me or i didn't give it enough time to enjoy it.

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