Loli Assassin Gameplay — Cute & Deadly — Moonlight Blade Online — 天涯明月刀

Here is a gameplay of my new character in action! More Information — MMORPG — Action Combat — F2P Live

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  1. TealHearts Gaming Channel

    add this into vindictus and i'm down

  2. Hung Nguyen

    looks dope but probably wont come over here in time lol~ i'd love a single player game with taht kind of combat though q.q

  3. EJHC

    Ah! nothing like a cute and flat loli to end the day

  4. Nina R.

    Is already known when this game is coming to EU?

  5. Kaoru Sugimura

    Don't mind me i'm just going to fill all my character slots with lolis. hue hue hue

  6. Mortally Challenged

    Those knives have the range of a damn spear

  7. Ergo

    I had some hype for this game few years ago, now its just.. meh

  8. Jorgue Torres

    what game is that?

  9. MataiulS

    Are there any good mmorpg with action combat that have servers on South America? Or some that high ping don't really affect that much?

  10. crunchburger

    This game looks sick

  11. Shakira's Hips Lied

    Is moonlight blade the world of black haired people?

  12. Hanifardhi

    is this MMORPG?

  13. Yohji

    Steparu any word on a release date for the west yet?

  14. Devan Reyanda

    play MxM again pls

  15. Max Chen

    Where do you live? And which software do you use to reduce the ping?

  16. Kemil Gaming

    Now I remember why I didn't like this game, it's like the same thing I hate about Black Desert and also the exact opposite of Dragon's Dogma, the combat system is like using gummy swords against watered sponges..

  17. challis2x4

    This class is so anime…

  18. Noja8787

    Death to titty monsters! flat will rule this planet!

  19. Pedro Ferreira

    damn i love this game, hope to see it in the west

  20. BlackbirdSWE

    This looks much better what I thought xD

  21. Vu Dang Tung

    her move-set sure looks nice, but i cant say the same for the combat (pve at least). even for a hack and slash game, i wish they would use more type of enemies than just swarming clone of 1-2 enemies, also the AI seems dull, they move and attack so little. Another thing is that i HATE IT when i have to fight enemies that is so easily flinch-able, 1 hit flinch all mobs for like 3 sec wtf, where is the fun in that? (this is my personal opinion but i like the Blade and Soul kind of mobs, even normal mobs can only be flinched by CC or special mechanic, they also can use several skills)

  22. Yuki

    I want to play it so bad 😢

  23. Weebly

    u all r going 2 jail hand upp

  24. Neil Thompson

    Steparu, are you able to read Chinese?

  25. 7Deadly Name

    cant wait west release

  26. WinterSouls

    for pedophiles.

  27. Sickrine


  28. megalith

    The loli's nice and all but the fuck is that range?

  29. hovsep56

    prison is my city

  30. borgqueenx

    giev game.

  31. Mere

    Do you use a vpn for good ping in this game? if so which one do you use?

  32. アウラルビー


  33. Cheeky Fantasy

    shes more petite than loli

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