Logres JRPG Gameplay — English Version — Boss Adventures — Mobile

Finally trying out the English version! Level 70 Bishop!
It’s still a fun game to try out, lot’s of events and stuff to farm.
https://www.logres-jrpg.com/ — MMORPG — Mobile — English
https://steparu.com/latest-news/2337-random-adventures-in-logres-jrpg-english-version More Information

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  1. Cordell Rude

    Thanks for putting up a video of this game, I just started days ago and am really enjoying it

  2. Yuen

    It's a fun solid game but you really gotta put a lot of time to level those classes.

  3. CraigOrangeSoda

    Oh, it's dead

  4. Drake Crewz

    you got a clan step?

  5. nyapism

    eyyy didn't know they have english version, gotta check it out.

  6. Danku

    not available in my country, damn

  7. ku

    I found you in game a few days ago, but I thought someone was trying to pretend to be you so I ignored it. :C

  8. Ferrick

    oh they shut down the JP ver, only for it to finally be in the west huh :o

  9. Ryuusei Souta

    A Unison League copy ._.

  10. Marshall Banana

    That's not a jrpg, that's just a mobage.

  11. xHopelessful

    Ugh having hard time trying to not get 1 hit as a bishop.

  12. GameTaco

    I dropped this game after a week, but I won't lie, it was fun while it lasted. I'm glad you liked it~

    It was refreshing to play an actual MMO without timers limiting my play and whatnot, but the difficulty was just all over the place. On one side, there's this horrible spike starting at Chapter 15 where suddenly everything can three-shot you unless you're playing one of the jobs with a ton of physical defense. On the complete other, you had the Rushmere continent, where we apparently skip forward in the story and enemies are WAY easier and give hundreds of thousands of experience per kill to a point that each job can hit 65 in about an hour

    I probably most loved the scepters, specifically the one you're using here. Not much good in the one-on-one fights though, where the advantage goes to the melee fighters with those Ultra Rare weapons that do 11 hits in a single attack, but… We can burst down large groups! And heal! Kinda :x

  13. Racecar is Racecar

    I'm in the video.

  14. HaYaTo

    still missing This Game 😭😭

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