Lineage W Gameplay Magician Global Release PC Version Download

Lineage W PC Gameplay showcasing the first forty minutes as the Magician character. Classic style gameplay and movement with auto-play features added. Global release and available for download on PC or mobile devices. I’ve uploaded the client for those having trouble downloading from the official website.

Lineage W Global Website

Lineage W PC Global Client

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Комментариев: 39
  1. YEXIU

    Damn it, no character customization……

  2. Jonatas Nogueira

    -what class you want to choose?

  3. Denka

    Damn release is same day as lost ark beta…rip

  4. tsuma

    « Global release » only on asia ? 😂

  5. Green Mosaic

    This game rock if you like old school rpg this is for you. The story and cinematic is so good that I never skip even once. So far having fun with this game

  6. hani ُ

    i wonder if Lineage Eternal/Project TL/ TL Origins will ever come out

  7. IwantShawn

    Game has a pretty intriguing setup and sorta shocking lol, very suprised, but also very much a phone mmo :(

  8. PaPa Frankku

    this game is visually impressive.. altho im not very fond of the combat style but I would still give it a try.. hopefully it turned out great

  9. FI DA

    so… knight use sword aaaaand monarch too ….nice…

  10. Tanjiro Kamado

    the sound effect is crisp as fk, and i like that

  11. d2cmp

    The aesthetics are impressive and the plot sounds interesting too bad the gameplay is so bad

  12. BollvigBlack

    this game will have NFT shit inside im pretty sure… i miss old times

  13. Edmund Mondo

    0:49 Holy Shit! That looks like a real babe! 😍 Now I know which waifu I will play! 🥰

  14. Kanwar Latif

    How do you play this in NA purple is not showing the option for lineage w it's only showing lineage 2m

  15. Stanislav Terziev

    Hello, thank you for upload, but I have problem. Some help please, how to change english langue? Because game run on korean. Thank you!

  16. metalsnake27

    Not global release. It's not coming to North America until 2022 at the least.

  17. The Truth

    This is rough…

    Nah, I’ll just say it, it looks terrible combat gameplay wise. Visually looks pretty good though, but that’s it

  18. Steparu

    How to play or Download Lineage W

    1. Download the Lineage W PC Client

    2. Login Using a Google Play Account.

    3. Patch Game.

    4. If your game is in another language, check the settings "Gear Icon" use the image below. Various languages available~!

  19. RERP

    Looks really good.

  20. Neo Virz

    ohh hell nah… bruhh… no customization in these days?? so basically everyone look the same from head to toe???

  21. David Mamani Bravo

    thanks man i was waiting for this

  22. Skunk Piss

    I got excited and thought it was some sort of Diablo-type game but it's just another dogshit phone game. Zzz.

  23. caboyd

    Holy shit this gameplay looks worse than Diablo 1

  24. Wacho

    Broooooooooooooooooooooooooo i have no phone and i try to play it in my potato pc, send me luck xd

  25. Jayjay

    I'm really pissed off with the developers, why they always develop games with deficiencies. Like when the in game model was really good, the combat style and other features are really bad. Why don't just make the graphic model bad to make it all consistent?

  26. Etniuh

    This UI omfg my head

  27. Wacho

    In lineage 2 they manipulate more detailed zombies and skeletons so it makes sense this time they look more humanized.

  28. Karanthir

    Не очень, я про игру,видос норм хорошо снял.

  29. Nostrah Azer

    lmao another trash mmo

  30. AirCase

    Game doesn't even show on my game list.. Oh well, not gonna bother. I'll go play Lost Ark beta tomorrow instead.

  31. uga8764

    Give a raise to the graphics designers. Replace all others.

  32. ESmith

    What does the W stand for? What happened to Lineage M? Is this a Mermain Man's belt kind of thing?!

  33. Kower Presents

    This game …it could have been so good…. maaan the disapointment the fuk is this PC version release??.!!

  34. Hastomo Hadi

    I'll wait for seven knight 2 in november 18th 😃.

  35. Hot PancakeZ

    The controls in the game is terrible…

  36. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    Oh look! Another game where a mage uses magic staff to melee attack! How original!

  37. Al-Lamin

    Combat looks lazy and bland. Doesn't have that spice to kick it to that next level. What a shame.

  38. Arturro Wi

    Global kurwa, to jest global? a w Polsce nie można zagrać…

  39. another

    ayoo — don't have combat ?

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