Lineage Eternal — Freya Prologue Story — Slide Skill — Long Gameplay

Freya was the only character with a slide skill.
The devs said they were adding more in the next test! — Game Site — PC MMORPG

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Комментариев: 21
  1. domini1337

    Can't wait to play this game…

  2. Monochrome


  3. TempRawr

    The more i watch these, especially with the lack of updates or any news on LE makes me just really find LE a bore. Its just looks like a meh d3 or d3 but with how KR devs have beendeveloping now a days I've really given up on any faith that they have a respect for the experience other than to do as little work as possible to make tons of money, especially to western audiences.

  4. 0Ignition0

    From what I see Lost Ark has better mechanics. I don't like very much the swaping characters thing. Also It looks like Lost Ark has out of combat activities.

  5. Nando Lazuardi

    is it CBT or OBT ??

  6. The Daeron

    Come on release date … already….

  7. slindimasq

    release it already please.

  8. Дмитрий Глебов

    она без трусов что-ли =

  9. Panparin Chanpen

    Suck NCSoft I'm expected another legend of Lineage3 but they offered me another copy cat of DiabloIII. What a boring game.

  10. Asad alya

    Freya-no-pants LAWL. 21+ PS What a pity ice golem is sacrificed itself. Bad story. Can Freya summon golems ?

  11. Chloe Wang


  12. Just Some Guy with a headache マリオ

    I hope we got an english version in the future or maybe a german one :-=

  13. Daoist Q

    This looks so lame. Not a hack n slash at all.

  14. Hikaru


  15. d66

    Real shit game.

  16. Crash Gaming

    The more I see this game the less I like it…

  17. Terranova

    …is she wearing any pants?


    maybe its the awful UI but this game looks SHIT ;/ guess ill stick to PoE


    Looks like the type of game to run out of content in a month and not get new content for a year or so

  20. Ari Prasetyo

    hi steparu . . what a game look like lineage eternal? :) and already CBT ty

  21. Eduardo Arvizu

    this looks exactly like Mu Legend…. and look at Mu Legend now…. dead even before they launched it.

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