Lineage Eternal CBT1 Portal Dungeons

Portal dungeons randomly spawn in the world.
I’m still waiting for the 2nd CBT and OBT this year. — Game Site — PC — Open World MMORPG

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Комментариев: 33
  1. NãoValeBujas

    Can't wait for 2087 so i can finally play this in the EU!

  2. Scellow Dev

    RIP NCSOFT, they kill everything they touch

  3. moosecat00

    I remember when everyone was excited for this game.

  4. treaengle dowgre

    when i saw in the first trailer the warrior with greatsword that can switch to sword and board I said to myself "whoa! i miss role playing this class". but game turned out to be an action strategy mmo . zero role-playing. planning to stick to grimdawn for awhile and keeping an eye on wolcen:lom.

  5. dean morello

    is the game yet open for people?

  6. david bryant

    I honestly feel people are being overly hard on this game. I understand the fear most people have with mobile games. Normally the mobile scene is plagued with huge pay to win and auto playing mechanics. If they don't add those features then the game should be fine and do fine. I think the game could add a larger fan base I mean these phone gamers are large in number and pay money lots of money for the games cash shops so as long as this PC port doesn't have pay to win elements then i look forward to this games new approach.

  7. Krelan

    that lag

  8. Iliya Mand

    I see so many stupid comments like " its like diablo" or "characters swaping" or "gears dont change the character look" blablabla grow a pair the game is very well balanced action MMORPG and is smthing different! Im very excited about it and waiting for some new content

  9. llindvior

    Bunch of idiots. If you need to pay to press the switch character button, it will somehow seem fine, trust me, we're just weird.

  10. Adrian Plesiński

    No destro class in game… disapointed.

  11. Fimontronia

    Can you even change the camera view? Lineage 2, you can move your character around and change the camera around.

  12. LoDrAkK///

    look better that lostArk

  13. Tik Tak

    8s, 15s, 30s cooldowns? Instantly turned off at 1:27. Bye bye Lin Eternal.

  14. FrOsT3D3

    stop bitching bois if there is nothing to play we gonna play it :D but ya character switch is bad kinda… we gotta wait till its comes out polished then we will decide :/

  15. Jhon Denver


  16. Bogdan Soflau

    where do I download the game?

  17. Peter Negan

    why couldn't they just have made this game with the Lineage 1 pvp fighting system. This will just end up as any of the other 1000 mmo's out there that will fail.

  18. Rodrigo Benitez

    diablo 3?

  19. Aegis

    Is it possible to register for the next beta? When is it coming?

  20. Денис

    Erm, Diablo?

  21. Christian

    A game with a graphic like this, would be better on mobile devices like android tablets…
    I really ask myself for what i've bought a GTX1080….

  22. Sergei Rachmaninoff

    Why everyone hates the game? I LOVE this character switching! It's now so easy to level up multiple classes! And the graphics are fine, 'cause (in my opinion, i wont play this game for graphics, i will play it for mechanics and the mechanics are great. And don't forget, that that's only a beta and many things will change!

  23. Star_Lord85

    really i wonder release date but nobody knows how long must we wait for this game ?

  24. Astolfo

    Well i guess Mu Legend will win lol fuck this game the character switching really killed me i was really hype when i saw the footage when he switched i started puking life out of me disgusting

  25. egysrac17

    After the huge disappointment that Diablo 3 was, I'm turned off by this video. I just want MU Online to run on Intel HD at this point.


    Wtf is wrong with NCsoft. This is not LE. Very similar to Diablo.
    NCsoft, every game they make it will be a complete disaster. The only game that could possibly make their company "heroes" around the world is Lineage 2, but… when it comes to NCsoft they will add everything on the store for "strong wallets".

  27. José Gomes

    looks like league of legends, no thanks

  28. MaestrO Frags

    I thought it was 3d

  29. kseries1981

    If this came out 5 years ago I'd give it a chance. But as it stands, it just looks like a Diablo 3 clone

  30. fatalradius

    Just waiting for Diablo 4.

  31. Kristaps Rieznieks

    Kinda liked the game tho classes are meeh…. i want to use a guy char thats fast passed… it feels like gender locking is super comoon nowdays… tho i dont mind that as much … i do mind if all the classes are mages or tanks… i want speedy dps glass canon… like those the best

  32. cloj

    This game is looking more and more like a moba. Disappointing customization features mean that I won't be playing this.

  33. Roober

    Character swapping seems pretty cool! Kinda reminds me of how you can play any role in FF14. I think this will prove to be beneficial

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