Lineage 2M PC Version Multiple Classes Gameplay

Lineage 2M using the official NCSoft PC Purple client. I’ve got no luck with obtaining any epic characters or class cards in this game. You can swap out your character anytime you want, the more you collect the stronger your account becomes.

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  1. Azz-Rushman

    Even if it wasn't P2W, the gameplay is way too basic imo.

    I don't know about the mobile peeps, but i NEED some timing mechanics in my games… be it a dodge, parry, or block.
    Still, an automatic gameplay can be good and engaging. I had such a good experience with the automatic gameplay of Final Fantasy 12 and Granado Espada.

  2. Yowan

    Glad to see that you're still playing this game. Looks like you invested some real money. Healer is the way to go for F2P. Got mine as 3rd choice. :)

  3. Saarnash

    What is this game…. I used to love L2!!

  4. Tridanite Inazuma

    Ugh these game are filled with 'clutter'. V4 was great until endgame but so much junk. This game looks just like that.

  5. Pipaninio

    Fuck games on mobile.

  6. kebabkillaz

    look how they massacred my boy

  7. Nightmare

    While i never cared about lineage , it is good to see the MasterRace-Mobile compatible games increasing (i always used mobile games like that with emulator)

  8. Nickolas Rennell

    Is it not V4? U shure? Bcs i cant see the difference..

  9. Aaban

    Aight, looks like p2w auto hunt garbage alright :/

  10. StahPK

    mobile game garbage

  11. S34G4T3

    As someone who played l2 c1 on release this make feels like the industry go backwards.

  12. Envix

    all these "mobile mmorpg" are shxt now compare to genshin lol

  13. No Way

    I was like: this looks pretty… Then I realized that you can't play it. It only plays itself.

  14. Yeest540

    Can you even see anything on that screen?

  15. masaki23joe

    Can't wait for TL: Origins

  16. Lucas Bustos

    Can you go to Gludio, Dion and Goddard? I loved those places when was a kid and played l2 on the cybercafe

  17. Exdigosss

    Why have you deleted GI video?(

  18. Hung Le

    Another mobile trash game after bdo-m and V4. Im getting sick of those mobile games. They are just similar to each others. Btw, i like Steparu and his work. Despite the fact that he disappeared for quite long until now

  19. Pondering

    Pretty characters as always! But man the UI…
    Mihoyo really had raised the bar for the medium. Looking forward to how new devs tackle mobile/cross play titles after its reception.

  20. AurochssS

    How do i play it???

  21. doubletriple

    The only thing that resenbles Lineage 2 here is some of the sound effects.

  22. Mfor Meimka

    omg the the action combat looks so bored. i wont play the game.

  23. Lucas Rodrigues

    wtf was that class change

  24. dragons

    Too bad it has auto…

  25. Apewz

    too many bots in this game😁

  26. Glyph Suritos

    what have they done to the lineage series/IP, my god…….. 0.0 , they completely butchered the lineage series, goodbye lineage 2 of old…. T T

  27. pa S

    which class is better in pvp 1vs1 help decide ..

  28. Herry Atmadjaja

    verifikasi via sms not required, my country +62 (indonesia)

  29. WebFabio

    auto hunt, bye bye

  30. j d

    Another boring cash grab game with shit business model using a successful title to bite ppl in it.
    Thankfully i have learned with all the other similar games and havent raised my hype or my expectations over it.
    Another hard pass for me.

  31. Rodro✨

    can't find the downlaod for PC

  32. harynian

    Wait, wait… so this is hero collecting game???

  33. Manuel Hergert

    Auto play nothing more to say. Why play games when u dont need to play. Sad that all those games goes into the same direction with auto hunt and p2w.

  34. nicogesell barrios

    this is not lineage.

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