Lineage 2M English PC Gameplay Preview Max Graphics 1440p HD

An Ultra HD Gameplay Preview of Lineage 2M for PC 18 Version. In preparation for a possible Global or English release at a later date, NCSoft rolled out a patch for the Korean version adding English text to everything. Enjoy~!

Played on PC Using NCSoft’s Purple Software

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  1. Vissarion

    This game doesn't remind in any way Lineage2 (other than ost).

  2. FinnelAT

    Gender locked how is this better than any of the l2 franchise so far? Cutscenes aside NCsoft are you serious?

  3. Dino Proxy

    The moment the gameplay started, my reaction was "Thanks, I hate it" xD

  4. Kemil Gaming

    9:28 how to get a NO from me

  5. d2cmp

    Lineage 2 was one of my first mmos ever, its sad to see that 20 years later this is what we get, collect 5 butts quests, targeting combat, generic aesthetics, but of course the gacha mechanics are on point

  6. Praxics

    Couldn't be any less like L2 even if it tried.
    At least now everyone is a bot not just 99%.

  7. Charles Ch

    Great video, i looking for a gacha game with sexy waifus final gear arknights or last origin? Any recommendation?

  8. Reinhard von Lohengramm

    I had high hopes for this one when I saw the first trailer. It looked like it would be similar to the classic Lineage 2, but with better graphics and more modern combat, instead it turned out to be shittier Lineage 2 Revolution. No point for this to even exist. Just NC Soft being greedy and trying to cash in on the brand name while it's still worth anything.

  9. ViccVegaa023

    My favorite part is the Dwarf avatar's pissed off walk.

    "Bastards won't let me be a Mage or an Archer, damn it!"

  10. WebFabio

    just found Auto Hunt… no thx… bye!

  11. Akala Tanara

    I want to like this, looks visually nice, really brings me back to Lineage and Lineage II, but yet seemingly even more limiting by far, which is a shame. Really does seem… broken how so many of these types of MMO remain far behind the times though. I mentioned in another comment that its probably a Korean MMO thing, but I'm not 100% sure of that, maybe someone over that way can say. I never played a TON of the Lineage games, as in never got far. Further in Lineage 1 than Lineage 2, even with that over-the-top Dark elf booty o.o yet now seems like the only dark elven ladies are locked behind unlockable characters or something? I might've misunderstood that too, but thats how it seemed.

  12. Coky

    Wow nice grafik 👍

  13. Yowan

    @steparu I've downloaded Purple, registered. Where should I get English patch? I could use some tips to start game please.
    Update: Figured it out in the end. :)

  14. Pondering

    24:15 — Warped so hard I ended up on another Steparu vid.

  15. Deathbysound

    On 10.06.2020, NCSoft added the English language on the Lineage 2M KR version. Since then, there have been no official announcements from NCSoft (official webpage, official Facebook, ect) as to why this option was added. In addition, you are not able to use the in-game shop if you are outside of Korea (unless you are able to have a work-around in which the system recognizes your payment occurs within Korea). Currently, all servers are account restricted which means you are not able to create a character in any server. One work-around is to wait every time for Friday's maintenance since NCsoft performs an all server-cleanup in which it bans and removes accounts accordingly. You might be also able to create an account to a server if you remain persistent and constantly check the servers.

    Long story short, it is not advised nor recommended to have a main account on this game right now as a non-Korean resident as there is always the risk of your account getting compromised by NCSoft without a warning. Regardless, feel free to create one and test the game for yourselves as that should be a good indicator on whether you will be playing it when it releases globally.

    Lastly, feel free also to join the unofficial Lineage 2m Discord (originated from Lineage 2m Subreddit) — if you have further questions.

  16. Crasharino

    What's the damn point, I honestly just can't stand how utterly pointless these throwaway mobile games are and why developers keep pumping out these crappy little mobile games, I can barely even tell the difference from the other mobile lineage games outside of the fact that it's in third person now instead, the UI, even the rewards from each quest, all the same as revolution, and plenty of re-used sound effects from their previous games, just spells lazy boring cash grab, hard pass.

  17. Floris

    Why does the male dwarf walk like he shit his pants.

  18. hard mode

    how do you apply the patch to play in english?

  19. Divium Furor

    Wait what ? Steparu is Alive ?

  20. askemd

    5:08 They should have move the reflected sphere someplace else.

  21. Cláudio L.

    Hi Steparu, I was looking for you for quite a while. What happened to your website? You should've put a note that telling about your current activity on just being YouTuber, for people like me to get updated about your current platform engagement.

  22. sleeping Sheep

    Looks good maybe it looks like mobile UI cause they gonna add cross platform later who knows

  23. Vensarit

    Looks really dated when you compare it to Dragon Raja, Black desert mobile and perfect world mobile etc

  24. JadrianMc

    Part of me dies when i see the button called , auto

  26. Kingeru Channel

    The heroes troops cannot afford good armor cuz hero use all money to their own armor

  27. hard mode

    dude tell how to download and play in english,l dont see the point in making this video ,unless you want5 everyone to get frustrated

  28. nu

    Can't tell if this is mobile

  29. luis alejandro

    and the darkelf woman? xD

  30. Dario Pacini

    Lineage is dead… The true Lineage… Not… This…

  31. MaDQuila


  32. Xash Gaming DE

    Sad what MMOs seems to become more and more -.-

  33. Nay Soe

    Lost hope on this game look at perfect world u have over 1000 character customizations this game has like 2 class and race and a few looks also the genders should be added to each class

  34. Максим Айгистов

    Who knows when this game will come out?

  35. Mellow D

    Does anyone of you all know, when NC will launch the version for europe? We were really addicted of L2! ♥

  36. Brain juice

    did he said the n word loool 11:18

  37. Vegeta

    2 things i dont like about this game is somehow you character seems sliding and the auto play thing is what makes this game boring

  38. franco lertora

    I would like if they preserve the original system of : SKILLS…MOVEMENT… the rest of it looks great

  39. Paulo Matias Watson W

    Why the elf is so fat?

  40. H Gabor

    Female for gays dude

  41. Potato Laptop

    its a emulator that why in call lineage 2M

  42. Wacho

    SoulShot sounds is love is live.

  43. Fede Ferrer

    9:59 Geralt is you?

  44. DoonCat🎮playz

    this game is just before taste of upcoming lineage 2 remaster^^ as 33 y old player am still hypedXDill pay even subscription 50 euros every month for this game!!!

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