Lime Odyssey Online Desert Exploration

Relaxing Desert Exploration. Enjoy :)!

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  1. Sean Burgess

    Nice background music

  2. FrozenXSiege

    How much do you enjoy Lime Odyssey because I played the closed beta and it was not bad but its taking so long its losing all hype and interest

  3. YourHiro

    Is this Open World?!? Also for people who plan on playing this on aeria my account is: Hiro.x3

  4. bonifidehustla

    It's ok but compared to what you already play it wont impress you. lol. Once you hit max level you get bored and the economy is pretty much fucked since the exploit. The game tried to be slick to push away gold farmers by having 3 different currencies. lol

  5. Oliver &&

    waiting this game so long,and i hope we play it till end of 2050…:D

  6. Hao Ren

    Hahaha I like that. I like that. Your words always amused me :P
    Always found people say "open world mmorpg" when it is actually one big square after another XD

  7. Zel Gates

    Step Are you gonna main this game as well when its out ^_^

  8. JAHD Official

    Game seems fun :-)

  9. Daniel Duarte

    Step, I download and install the game, only in time to open the launcher's error, and I end up not getting to play, help me? the game went bankrupt or something? because the franchise Aeria Games is offline

  10. Jon Do

    Should I download?

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