Lime Odyssey Online Cash Shop Outfits Preview Ultra HD 1080p

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0:00 Red Gothic Outfit
0:28 Yellow Elegant Dress With Gems
0:50 Ball Room Black Dress
1:18 Ninja Princess Outfit
2:00 Sexy Revealing Countess Outfit
2:46 Black Steam Punk Biker Gang Suit
3:31 Dark Teal Elegant Gothic Dress
4:30 Red Mini Skirt & Mini Top Hat
5:25 Pink Meow Slumber Party Outfit
6:32 Necromancers Bone Cage
7:50 Christmas Outfit with Mini Skirt
8:32 Innocent Black Nun Outfit laced with Gold
9:39 Korean Traditional Hanbok Outfit
10:09 Kawaii Black Maid Outfit with Red Ribbons
11:20 Blue Alchemist Knight/Captain Uniform
12:55 Elegant White Princess Outfit

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13:50 All Outfits Front View

Made character look like Inori from Guilty Crown.

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I am thinking of making a Muris or Turga video next but the outfits might look similar just scaled down or something. If you guys have any requests let me know I will see what I can do before the beta ends.

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Комментариев: 28
  1. Thunderous Quiet

    The one with skulls that have purple eyes is my favorite

  2. Cj Earley

    girl outfits always looks good than guys. :/

  3. Tyki Mikk

    0:50 + 5:25 (without the hat(?) should be better) + 8:32 + 10:09 (maid ftw!) + 11:20 + 12:55 are my favorites. °°

  4. maiwaifu Mk II

    Any idea when the next beta is goi

  5. maiwaifu Mk II

    Any idea when the next beta is going to be?

  6. MsSakiAngel

    I love this I can't wait till Aeria's is out sooo buying all the cute one's *w*

  7. Jielatto

    Do they come in one piece sets or are they seperate parts ?

  8. Kaoru Sugimura

    that ui is soooo small X.X how could you see any of that? put it in full screen on my 27inch monitor and it was still so tiny…


    looks like a buffed flyff

  10. Nan Shanker

    set sail for one piece?

  11. Ernst Beliard

    I thought this was open beta o.o

  12. xXsamadhiXx

    Better than RO2? Raids? stuff like that?

  13. Devilrose

    The first version of it is better than RO2, I know since I played Thai LO beta. Now this revamped version will definitely even better.
    FYI the old ragnarok 1 devs made this one, the music the graphics the charm it will remind you of RO 1.

  14. vampireknightloverrr

    nice outfits i wanna see the female turga outfits

  15. FancyKerbloops

    She's such a great ninja, her nipples are stealthy too. Nipplestealth-jutsu.

  16. Anomaly Tenacious

    Thank you for uploading this. ^-^ I can't wait to see the Muris even if not many people like them. :/

  17. Hououin Kyouma

    Now how are you playing these korean and or japanese games.I know some are korean but the rest idk.

  18. Mizukaro

    Male Turga please.

  19. PangyaGamer

    This game looks gorgeous!

  20. EpicScavenger

    Looks like generic crap. I had high hopes a while back but this looks like Ro2 so I'm gonna assume it won't be far off.

  21. Kenjataimu

    At 1:25 is that a swastika on the shuriken??

  22. Maree x0x0x

    are you really going there ?… :s this is no where near ro2 maybe some features but dont forget the same people from ro2 made this so go figure :P

  23. EpicScavenger

    Well that makes sense, look I'm not trying to get under your skin but I did play ro2 to 50. If the same people made this game then the chances are high that the formula will be at least similar. Costumes on the broker is inevitable, and its just sad. I don't wanna be in a game like that, and so I've moved to firefall. And a lil cubeworld.

  24. Jason Coo

    Actually, fun fact: RO and RO2 were made by different people, though still by the same company. LO is made by the same team as RO1, so I have pretty high hopes for it. Not high enough to warrant waiting 3 years, however, but I still look forward to at least trying it out. RO1 was an incredible game, so don't give up on LO just yet.

  25. MrWaffle

    when will this come?

  26. Le Aniki

    우와 재미가 본다

  27. Ryutatsi

    She runs really funny, and close-up in her face looks like she got downs syndrom…

  28. CassidyMMOs

    Too bad we never got a real english release before it closed.

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