Lime Odyssey Character Creation Turga Male and Female Outfits Classes 1080p

New character creation in Ultra HD Share and Like. Cute ones first!
Turga doing the shaking booty dance…!?

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  1. hovsep56

    so how well is the game improved? (i did the alpha test some years ago)

  2. Skyform

    Lime Odyssy: A New Lime

    Didn't enjoy that previous version in alpha.. hopefully this one is better?

  3. Bushinji

    0:53 what is this? xD

  4. sargso

    Somebody knows when it will be available in AERIA GAMES?

  5. Jonatas Nogueira

    Never skip legs days D:

  6. Bara Galdera


  7. Holo

    Hmmm Turga is pretty cool too. In some ways better than the Muris… decisions decision.. :3

  8. Another Ghost

    How fucked up, I signed up for this beta a long time ago and got nothing. ;_;

  9. ziggoverzaggs

    omg the dances X3 !

  10. Oliver &&

    this game is so awesome,i hope we can finally play it soon

  11. Wafflez -Kun

    Play it. It's free.

  12. Wafflez -Kun

    We can. Search it up and find the one hosted by aeriagames.

  13. leapingovershoes

    Um. I don't think that they've even begun the new Alpha testing that they need to do again, much less closed beta or open beta.

  14. LyingLychee

    Dangerously furry.

  15. LightmareNoel

    Hey step. All cool? Just a question. Is this cbt or obt? Love thr channel. Love the games u play.

  16. Hao Ren

    o.O wait, I thought they already finished the CBT last February no? D:

  17. MsSakiAngel

    really not into this race x.x

  18. Maree x0x0x

    isnt it OB for Kor ;O

  19. Peter Poka

    Are any of these games launch in the US someday?

  20. nekoangelgirl123

    Idk. I pretty much lost all interest for this game…maybe long after it finally releases i will give it a shot our of boredom but..I just can't be as excited as I was before…

  21. PangyaGamer

    I know what you mean, Since we've got games like Tera,C9 and GW2 out.
    But I still want to try this out!

  22. PangyaGamer

    They look like the Mithra!!

  23. Flare

    U need a KSSN to play this game right? How do you got it?

  24. Lori

    Dat dance XDDD

  25. Ryutatsi

    I hope this game comes out soon, been reading up on it for a long time and they keep posponing it….

  26. Hyou Vizer

    with this game i could easily make Mareg from Grandia 2…….

    except he won't live for real real </3

  27. Geo Motovlog

    Sending full support

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