Lime Odyssey Character Creation Muris Male and Female Outfits Classes 1080p

New character creation in Ultra HD Share and Like.
Get ready for cuteness overload~!

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  1. Bedwyr

    oh my god, kawaii as fuck! <3

  2. Bedwyr

    i can't take this anymore, too much cuteness… I want gamplay Naoowaw! >:3

  3. merru

    I guess step will go with this rather than humans lol

  4. Mrhonganify

    too much loli! XD

  5. Holo

    Welp, I guess I already know which race I'll be picking… :3

  6. Dark Wish

    I used to think very low of this game, but this, this is just SO CUTE

  7. Karasit

    oh my goooood so f*cking cute

  8. LolReally

    so is this alpha..?

  9. satelizerx

    3:50 aaaannnnddd deleted

  10. Hiromu656

    I've been waiting so long for this game, finally some new stuff

  11. Yoruno

    0:55 dat renai circulation dance… I lost lol.

  12. MsSakiAngel

    cute but so not for me I love Humans lol x3 <3

  13. Hyperion


    1.are you the one creating the char? this video. is it running at max graphics settings?
    3.will it have the same awesome graphics the one in aeria games that will release?

    PS: I love how you create cute characters :3

  14. WaveZtream

    Omg sooooo KAWAII!!!

  15. GatoEpico

    i cant hold all dat cutyness :c too bad i own a dinosaur pc

  16. Devilrose

    Arrgghh.. So cute! Urghh..

  17. Daemon D

    is it free?

    plz share me the link! :(

  18. GBO2 gameplays

    reminds me of Elin class from Tera

  19. GBO2 gameplays

    But i think this is way cuter. :3

  20. Vidar Wolfheim


  21. rendeviz

    oh my goddd!! release it soon!!

  22. Obtrectator

    My loli-heart… Ahh~

  23. PangyaGamer

    When will this come out? T___________________T

  24. PangyaGamer

    Nothing can beat the cute little Elins <33

  25. Vidar Wolfheim

    i would feel so awkward making the character while he/sheh dances around :/ make me want to hug him/her

  26. Alejandro Negrete

    Or never…

  27. Lord Popo

    Are they still working on the bugs and glitches? Because they have been working on them for a while now. -.-

  28. Jason Coo

    Well… at least they kept the graphics RELATIVELY current. I'd have hated for them to release it with 2010 graphics. I doubt the game will be worth a 3 year wait, but it does look decent.

  29. Vidar Wolfheim

    aeria is in alpha tests for this actually

  30. PlatinumCyGirl

    Aw I want to create a mage; but I'll be damned if I cant run this game just like ragnarok 2 D:

  31. Sleepyhead

    I forgot all about this game oo

  32. Life of Syn


  33. Usara


  34. Seoul Rain

    Sooo, I'm guessing this game is never coming out for NA ._.'

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