Lime Odyssey Character Creation Human Male and Female Outfits Classes HD 1080p

New character creation in Ultra HD Share and Like. Cute ones first!

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  1. merru

    doesn't seem like anything changing

  2. Vandis

    Was disapointted when I played it typical korean grinding game

  3. Vandis

    Hope it changed cause it was awful

  4. Flipsider

    Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts. O.o;;;;;;;;;;

  5. Another Ghost

    wait what

  6. Emunk Danoti

    i'll try this out soon… sigh…. xD

  7. FancyKerbloops

    Dev hell for like… 4 years? 5? l:

  8. Joe Burnett

    Another thing I have to try. This channel is seriously bad for my hard drive :3

  9. LyingLychee

    I'm pretty sure he/she did. It's a pretty obvious question if you ask me.

  10. LightmareNoel

    the limeoddyssey(dot)aeriagames(dot)com webpage says is not even alpha which version are you playing step? nbot the us aeriagames obviously.

  11. Kiichin

    This page is very old and aeria stopped posting updates there for some time because before the game's release the developer kind of started again because of bugs ocourring in the beta version. Now, the game is in beta… again. Oh, Step is playing the Korean version.

  12. LightmareNoel

    thanks for the response… (^^) now i have to wait till OBT cause idk how to get a CBT key. xD

  13. Shilofax

    Aeria is about to begin development on the NA version again, they are waiting for this closed beta to be done though, so they can get the latest fixes.

  14. Simple15ish


  15. MsSakiAngel

    nice job =3

  16. Gus


  17. Gus


  18. Katiesaurus

    Amg! Really? O: AWESOME! I hope Aeria does a good job on it :I

  19. Hyperion

    kinda curious tho. i know some people are already kinda bored or what like used in this kinds of mmos i would be lying if i said im not aswell. but this game kinda piqued my interest. :D im loving the cute char style and awesome outfit designs. can you tell me some features of this game that the others cuti'sh char mmos doesnt have. :D

  20. LyingLychee

    Actually it doesn't really sound like being a douchebag. We see the world differently I guess.

  21. Civil Dusk

    I love the outfits for this game. They're practical and can be both cute and sexy but not overdone ^^

  22. Wasabishi

    Trying your best to make a loli hahaha

  23. Flare

    where can i download this?

  24. john albert policarpio

    it hasnt been released yet.. im gonna wait for this one.. hope many players will enjoy it.

  25. Veteferete serete

    a question for when going out this game? pliss

  26. KozukaBlades

    this annoys me to heck when i found out about this game was 4 years ago i only came back to check on it and it still isnt in the US yet neither the UK for that matter 

  27. Gentlebeast B.

    meh, meh, meh some lime odyssey moba coming out, the fuck! i wanted the actual game!

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