Legend of the Ancient Sword Online — Playable Jobs — Combat Demo

The current playable jobs. I wish I knew the names of each one!
I zoomed in a little bit so you guys can see the combat demo.
http://gjol.wangyuan.com/ — MMORPG — CN — CBT — Action Combat — PC

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  1. Sonya

    Is it tab targeting or action combat ?

  2. helloitsme

    the animations are actually nice and fluid for the combat, gj

  3. K. J.

    I love the artwork on certain weapons.
    Looks promising

  4. Nuclear Waste

    weird i will never understand why these asiatic mmos never put martial artist class using real martial arts moves with the fists and feet like the striker in blackdesert or the Kungfumaster and soulfighter in blade&soul the only wuxia games i know where have martial art class is moonlightblade(the beggars so far)and age of wushu its a shame because if you look deeply in the asatic countries they practice a lot of martial arts in real life like kungfu,wingchun,tai chi and etc they should invest more in classes like this its badass and different.

  5. Yang Shane

    This games looks amazing , it's looks like swordman online :v

  6. Ionuts Ionut

    Is this the BDO killer?
    Jk BDO commited suicide

  7. Patrick

    PC ? alright let's do this steparu !!!

  8. Rasgore4


  9. Would You Likeu Something to Drinkeu

    I can't wait for my future grandchildren to play this when it comes to the us.

  10. Acedus

    Oh now hold up, no gender lock? A MALE THAT USES SCYTHE? NOT OUTDATED GRAPHICS?! THAT GAME ACTUALLY LOOKS KINDA NICE (Too bad we'll only be able to play it in 2084 though)

  11. It is ReVeRzi

    Are the little red, green, blue indicators show the roles of the jobs? DPS, tank, support I suppose? Because if that's true, scythe using support? Hell yeah!

  12. 소라

    these chinese mmos look like dog shit

  13. Yo Han

    Looks to have good combat mechanics. I hate how past Kung Fu themed mmorpgs are tab locked combat. Might pick this up

  14. Duc Tran

    mobile game ?

  15. draconomicon

    seems like action combat! tab targeting always bores me for some reason

  16. BlackHeart Ace

    I will wait for martial art of this game. I think?

  17. Tofu

    Oh I like this music~! XD

  18. Max Voodoo

    looks good!!

  19. Bunndog

    A Battle Lancer done right yaaaaaaassssss

  20. Mister Exe

    can you give me advices activation code for this game ?
    im stuck on it….

  21. Locke

    This combat actually looks very fluid and varied, not just another half-assed B&S clone.

    Will definitely be on the lookout for this one.

  22. Jake Cha

    I honestly feel a lot of chinese mmorpgs are short lived. They keep releasing the same asian oriental themed mmo but with slightly better combat / graphics every so often. Also the names are extremely generic (Moonlight blade, Legend of Sword, Butterfly Sword, Dragon Sword, The Enchanting Shadow, Swordsman Online, Revelation). Like seriously…. I can guess the next 10 mmorpgs names for them…. Legend of Moon, Shadow Swords Online, Legend of Titan, Wushu Dragon Moon Online, Shadow Dragon Sword Online, Legend of Shadow, MoonShadow Online…. Idk… Steer away from these games imo. They just seem to be rehashing the same game repeatably and has no real content…

  23. Mik Mak

    i prefer this than justice moonlight online please come outside china

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