Kurtzpel PvP Gameplay Various Modes and Matches

A preview of all the PvP modes in the game. Rebirthing is my friend.
Hmmm, the PvP feels a bit floaty? Something feels off, not so sure!
https://store.steampowered.com/app/844870/KurtzPel/ — Global CBT — Anime Game

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Комментариев: 38
  1. Amissa

    I hope you're doing okay, we all miss u Steparu :(

  2. Lownmou

    what happened to Steparu, 9 months ago without posting anything I miss your videos hope you are well

  3. Zeph

    Damn you gonna upload?

  4. Bam boo

    Its 9 months already

  5. Moses Kaya

    step 언니  are you ok ?

  6. Berk Orhan

    I wrote here 5 and 4 moths ago but kept checking every now and then. At this point, i can only wish and hope for the best for you. I hope you are healthy, safe and happy. I loved every video you uploaded, watched them with hype and learned so much from you. Thank you for everything you've done for me, for us. Love you lots!!

  7. Alex Neuneiz

    still waiting :,(

  8. liberator48

    Yo, i need advice on what Japanese mobile game to play… what gives with the not making a video about it and whatnot? WUZ GOIN ON HERE?!

  9. 本音はる

    Steparu, I been following you awhile (mostly on your site), it's fine to not have updates for awhile or if your done with doing articles and youtube vids, I think we all would be fine with it we just want to know if you're ok. :)

  10. Christopher Yako

    Step. Its 2020 please give us an update! We just want to know you are safe.

  11. Roguelike

    스테파루 여기에 잠들다

  12. 洪明鹏

    guys,he is ok


    Where is she?

  14. PaPa Pia

    Where are you?

  15. TrolaOmega

    Where are you mate

  16. Diego Daza

    Miss you :(

  17. Jello

    Who leaves their YouTube channel without a word? That just makes people worry. Ugh

  18. MasterZedX

    Step has entered inside the GAME

  19. Kimse05

    11 Months FeelsBadMan! COME HOME!

  20. Hoowwwww


  21. FlashIOS

    Where did you go??

  22. 253637zero2

    "I actually played with step a few days ago in a ranked match of Apex Legends. IGN was "SteparuTV" and he had a s1 diamond dive trail.

    i asked him in game if he was actually step to which they replied "maybe". very step like from my few encounters with him/her ages ago in mabinogi haha.

    anyway to conclude i assume step is okay and taking a break from content creating. maybe he was streaming that match of apex? (we lost btw lol) or was just playing for fun. who knows. i too miss his videos though." — From 3 months ago, reddit user comment.

  23. Nunu

    It's almost been a year, what happened?

  24. Hanaihau Hargous

    I talked to a cousin of mine recently, he asked me to download and play Final Fantasy 11 (FFXI).
    Then out of nowhere, I remembered Steparu. For me it was the MMO-central.
    There is no life without Steparu.

  25. Joel Delos Santos

    missing you :'(

  26. YUGINO

    1 year… (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  27. Ndamn'19

    Daamn i haven’t seen this channel since blade and soul

  28. Tommy

    What happened to this channel?

  29. AW168

    At least make a statement please 🙏

  30. Farlesscl

    Steparu are you ok :c

  31. Blue Dusk

    hope you're ok

  32. sXz zero

    What the actual fck happening in here? its been a year with no updates? last post was like a year ago hmmmmmmmmm…

  33. Kakao Kiki

    I just hope you are doing ok

  34. Shtola

    Time fly fast it already pass a year

  35. Bé Kiên

    I think youtube turn off UPLOAD VIDEO and COMMENT on his account so yea , I hope he fine

  36. me if luke doesnt return for reverie

    bro ;-;

  37. Xickraid

    been subscribed wayback C9 days… wherever you are, please… be safe.

  38. _Zealos_

    Wait, everyone's Blazing Fist in PvP?
    Always has been.

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