Kurtzpel Online North America Upcoming Exclusive Test

You can sign up for the NA Exclusive Test at https://goo.gl/FJESy4
Official Source — https://www.facebook.com/kurtzpel.official/
http://www.kurtzpel.com/ — PC — PvP/PvE — Anime Action Combat

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  1. Steparu

    You can sign up for the NA Exclusive Test at https://goo.gl/FJESy4
    Extra Info below from https://www.facebook.com/kurtzpel.official/

    커츠펠 Hello Chasers!

    Thank you for interest in KurtzPel.

    We have some important news to share with you all today.

    First, we will be hosting a KurtzPel booth at the biggest game show in Korea, G-Star 2018 from Nov 15th ~ 18th.

    This showcase version will be focused heavily on polishing up the core game content for KurtzPel: PVP.

    It’s our goal to make absolutely sure that players will get to experience KurtzPel’s unique, high-intensity action concepts in real-time.

    Also, we have something new and exciting for you to experience! We are going to be introducing PVE to KurtzPel! This will be a raid style encounter where players can fight and overcome challenging boss monsters.

    We are very excited to see how everyone will react to fighting these challenging monsters and what you’ll do to strategize and overcome these behemoths.

    The second part is for all of our fans outside of Korea who won’t make it to G-Star:

    We have thought long and hard on how we can bring KurtzPel to players all around the world, and we decided to work with KOG Games to bring a beta test to North America during the duration of G-Star, 2018.

    The Pre-Registration Page for the beta is already up and ready take participants now! We hope to see you all there and that you will thoroughly enjoy the first ever, public play-through of KurtzPel!

    A major point that we’re hoping to accomplish is to hear your voices. Obviously, we hope everyone who plays, either at G-Star 2018 or through the beta, truly enjoys KurtzPel. But we’d love to hear from you, at the wrap-up, we want you to leave us feedback. This will be used to improve the game.

    For those who cannot make it for whatever reason, we hope you keep an eye out for future updates on KurtzPel.

    Chasers, we hope you see you at our base, Eltheca.

    -Director of KurtzPel

    O-Dang Kwon

  2. sXz zero

    1:38 omg that camera shake xD

  3. ShanochiTV

    Wait wait.. that's a male character? O.o

  4. Rami Sabeh

    So what is this, a PVP arena?

  5. Roborovski

    Mabinogi heroes + genre anime

  6. Exo the Panda Mashups

    Is it possible to sign in when you live in the eu

  7. Gey Merr

    i hate chinese games!!!

  8. Hjvgvvgvhvg Hvhgv

    Ffs, it better be on steam for eu too and not just America like elsword

  9. 눈_눈Paimon

    the elsword feel is really there lol

  10. Nysun

    CPU requeriments?

  11. megalith

    Whoah. This looks like Dragon nest.

  12. darkforce1985

    i hope this will be better than elsword (same developer)

  13. RaRe Barney

    The game seems really cool and the graphics look pretty good bit the combat seems clunky. I don't mind the game having slow combat but it seems like it can't even keep up with its slow combat and at certain times it looks really good being slow bit other times it just looks weird. When the game comes out I would lile to try it though.

  14. RastVr

    this actually looks cool as fuck though

  15. MrBlvdman

    This game is going to be massive, I've been praying for years that someone please copy DragonNest skill flashniess and add the visual appeal of Black Desert while keeping it anime-like and they have finally done it. This is THE GAME!!!!!!!!

  16. V๏ЙG๏Lą ÐєcIM๏

    Will it have an android version?

  17. Ahmed Saeed

    Only NA ? nothing about EU ?

  18. jordy rio

    Will there be a server dedicated to asia or sea region?

  19. Zeter Zero

    Hype. Now please God in heaven let it have proper controller support.

  20. Freakin'Usernames

    That punch combo where you left the guy in the air would have been ten times better with that explosive meteor drop fist move right after. I nearly creamed thinking about it.

  21. Jantastic

    Couple questions
    Signing up for the test server isn't a guarantee right?
    Is this game doing a full release right after or soon after the test finishes?
    Reading the comments, is this game not even fully released in KR? Meaning will an NA server take forever to release?

  22. IHadNoIdeaThatGoogleAllowedYouToChangeYourNameIntoSomethingSoRidiculouslyLongAndStupidLikeIDidHere

    I hate those cinematic scene when you cast certain skills though.

  23. Old Acc __

    Is this open world or not? That's my question

  24. Galih Matra

    I will skip this game
    Looks like a boring game for me
    Like elsword and closers to me

  25. Pineapple Pawnch

    Hopefully we won't have to repeat dungeons just to collect quest items too many times

  26. Shane of funny comments

    That's a man 🍅🍆🍅

  27. Gabriel Cazenas

    Where can i get the beta key? I already received a mail about getting in but there's no link or doesn't tell me my beta key in the mail.

  28. LemmeLix

    Gender lock or not?

  29. Aeneyes

    ?? soulworker? what

  30. Weasal Prime

    Seven years ago I subbed to this channel and I still don't regret it.

  31. meow meow

    the time has come for the inner weeaboo to rise from the depths

  32. Kylez

    I thought it's a Battle Royale. Because it may actually work.

  33. Shamar Boyd

    Elsword plus grandchase = Kurtzpel + sum Dragon nest

  34. NagiYT Weeb

    my low end laptop is ready!

  35. Arilleria

    i seen elsword skill

  36. mil mil

    A male character?! He's so cute 💖😍

  37. Yaro Aram

    This is the only male character this game will see:D

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