Kurokishi Gameplay Boss Battles Last Scene and Character Customization

Real-time co-op system with other players and Anime cutscenes.
My new favorite mobile game with 13% SSR rates, got a lot already.
Advanced Jobs, Customization, Job Tree, Crafting, Auction, etc.
https://kuro-kishi.jp/ — Game Site — Android — iOS

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Комментариев: 33
  1. Diego Daza

    Wow looks nice! guess I should try it out lol

  2. Trường Phi Nguyễn

    this game focus on co-op right? i think the deck build is similar with KRS Million Arthur…

  3. Diego Daza

    Noooooo i can't download it because you can only get it through Google play :( dang so sad.

  4. Edward Sutherland

    lol didnt know raven got a new class on elsword

  5. Chyvalle

    underrated game, no groups for players :(

  6. Ferrick

    wow step you're way further than me :o, though i guess i am too busy trying to unlock the 3rd tier of fighter class lol

  7. chuck

    Looks like brave frontier/granblue fantasy D: I'll try it

  8. AzureRoxe

    I gotta wonder.

    Why do these companies not make entire anime series? Like, look at that scene or the anime scene for Super Smash Bros with Link fighting Pit, they look incredible yet they never make any sort of anime series for it.

  9. Ligoya

    Pink hair and sunglasses, SWAG !!

  10. Grant

    Rip granblue fantasy?

  11. ObsidianDemura

    when its installing i keep getting a message then get sent to title screen. What do I do?

  12. 청춘풀파워

    제발 한국어버전으로 한국에 출시해주세요!!!! ㅠㅠ

  13. goldenducky12

    Is there a guide on how to play this if you dont know japanese haha

  14. Edmund

    Step, are you in a guild? my friends and I are made one. currently 7wins 3 lost, was hoping you could join us or maybe make an active guild to accommodate us in haha.

    Also how do u rank up so fast? any tips? currently rank 24.

  15. royal tea

    That music reminds me of Bravely Default

  16. Lune

    It looks so good

  17. Edmund

    I have a special tip, make an alt acc, play until u get succubus pots, sell your all crafting mats (chapter3.5), u roughly earn 100k+ gold, make your main acc sell any material that cost 100k+ gold, alt acc buys it.

    The way to make gold in this game.

  18. Bork

    what's the total memory space req for this? Is there an english guide for the game?

  19. evil4hunter

    Unison League lol

  20. Cards297

    13% SSR! Talk about an actual incentive for the average f2p to spend money even if it's only $20 or so.

  21. Francisco Figueroa

    the name of this games is "Kurokishi to shiro no maou" , lets take a look ;) im downloading it right now on NoxPlayer.

  22. Iapnes em eciton

    The combat system sort of reminds me of Unison League, but obviously has its differences. For the better in my opinion.

  23. RetroSpect

    i waited for this game for like forever, and now its here i cannot install/open apk file on my phone anymore. smh game looks great tho^^

  24. Wishfulpumpkin

    Looks a lot like Unison League.

  25. Angel 0

    The game is pretty awesome, i just downloaded it today and i love it

    I just wish they make west release to play in a more understandable language T-T

  26. Zayaraffxi

    I made a discord for this cause i cant find any english community, https://discord.gg/6UwCGvD if anyone knows if theres an existing discord already please let me know

  27. Snarled

    Oh boi i need this game, hope they will make a global version

  28. Ace mvp

    Love the voice acting on this one =)

  29. xHopelessful

    13%!? Now this is beautiful.

  30. Hakim Friday

    Is there an english guide for this. Ive been playing it but i have no idea how to get items and stuff

  31. Smash Legends LovelyTsukuyomi

    I play this game. On my first file, i lost my axe warrior after I uninstall game. When I reinstalled it, I had to start over again. How do I save my file? My new char is stronger than my old character with 1-2 wait times. This game is fun. Kinda like Unison League.

  32. Asafe Gonzaga

    >13% SS rate

  33. Fernando Rodrigues

    Is ther e any plans for an english translation?

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