KUF2 — New Elf Loli Elementalist — Character Customization

The Elf Elementalist Girl just came out in the TW version today.
Customization preview for her. The game needs body sliders.
http://kuf2.1758play.com/ — PC — Strategy MMORPG

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Комментариев: 23
  1. Juzo

    Loli squad here ☝

  2. Ligoya

    What's with Loli video lately, is this supposed to be the month of Loli or something ?

  3. morph

    whats a mmorpg without loli

  4. AzureRoxe

    Of course they'll add a loli.

  5. YoungLeosword

    Do… What the Hell powers are Lolis supposed to have? >w<

  6. CollidedGeneration

    I remember when I saw a trailer for this game 47 years ago. Maybe i'll play it in 2032.

  7. Taya Tong

    sea server still up? i remeber its dead liie an year ago

  8. RageGoria

    "Okay boys, our enemies are an army of fierce monsters with brutal attacks and probably the bane of mankind, let's send cute lolis to wipe them up" — Korean MMORPG NPC

  9. Nyarsa Nyatoka


  10. Nafis Hazwan

    Ravioli ravioli don lewd the elf loli :v I love steparu . but hes/shes a lolicon EKSDEE

  11. Namida

    I am waiting for grandma stereotype

  12. datRabbit Rabbitt

    since when is Teenagers loli's? lol..

  13. Yasviele Ch

    Well, compared to tera or Bns this is not so loli…This is aceptable loliness
    >Needs body sliders
    You want to make her more loli, huh?

  14. Minh Chiến Nguyễn

    Lolis is good for your health

  15. Chris

    My loli class brings all the degens to the yard. Damn right, they're creepier than yours.

  16. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    this sold me, can't wait to play the game in 2118

  17. Ef Five

    Doing this I wouldn't be able to stop feeling like Chris Hansen is looking over my shoulder, whispering moralities in my ear.

    EDIT: ps best slider 4:12

  18. Kagayate Makairu

    I still think PSO2 made the best loli creation… wheres theres height adjustment.. theres loli somewhere

  19. Mystokai

    Asian MMO female height options: [Tall], [Normal], [Prison].

  20. gerry salim

    i see a loli, i click, i like

  21. DeeeFoo

    I thought this game shut down? I went to the website to try and download it and it says it was suspended.

  22. not tom cruise

    I'm a simple man. I see Loli = I click.

  23. しろ愛

    blade n soul has better characters cuz shota boy with cute ears! :U

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