KUF2 Elementalist Gameplay — Level 20 Golem Summon

I was in the mood for some KUF2, so I leveled up my Elementalist.
I unlocked this lazy fat golem summon at level 20, I prefer the cat.
http://kuf2.1758play.com/ — RTS MMORPG — TW — F2P — OBT

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  1. 阿隆RYU

    Wow Awesome graphics.

  2. Hanifardhi

    I'm confused what MMO'S game will I play

  3. Ayyadana Akbar

    Old Game, btw is the SEA version still worth it? or just take this Chinese version?
    Because my country (Indonesia)'s publisher who will publish this game years ago went bankrupt before they can publish this awesome game. Now they're going to focus only for mobile games.

  4. Saleem Ali

    what does KUF2 stand for?

  5. Zanktus San

    I played it when it got released and was hooked. I love this dynasty warriors mixed strategy game. Sadly it went dead pretty fast… I guess it was not casual enough for the big crowd or something. Still a great game.

  6. Wacho

    It looks interesting

  7. Brendon Buckingham

    If anyone wants to play this game go to http://kuf2.1758play.com/Account/choiseLogin Log in with your google+ account/FB then after that choose the (1) Download and it's the full game, extract the zip and your good to go, Only need a google+/FB account to play so it's really easy to play, https://discord.gg/ujJscA9 if you need help

  8. Hristo Yonkov

    did you know this mmo will be released in europe soon?

  9. Daffa H Abipermono

    dam wanna play KUF2 again… after SEA version dead, hear that CN version keep update content, and then few months ago TW version coming up with last update….. need publisher to add fcking english sub. T_T

  10. KirS

    Awesome game how long can i play this version?

  11. nzrock

    the fuck, your on the TW server atm?

  12. Jo Jo

    Steparu, quick question

    Why do you call it elementalist when this site says otherwise?

    Edit: Actually, that appears to be bad translation, nvm.

  13. Kyle Busc

    What the fuck was with those ass slaps after you beat the mission hahahha that was hilarious

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