Kritika Online Town Tour

Just a little tour of some of the areas where you form a party, enchant stuff, and chill before going into dungeons.

Developers: allm games
Publishers: NHN Hangame Korea
Game Site:

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  1. LikeASir

    Last link in the description is the game site!

  2. amr omran

    most of korean games neeed valid KSSN

  3. hovsep56

    i still get error i was so excited to play this game TT it cant be my pc since it can handle skyrim neverwinter c9 and other games

  4. Runato

    Ugh, is there anybody that's announced for localization yet? This looks like a rather fast game compared to some of the others I've played, yet it's still in KR..

  5. Damir Turk

    guys face at 2:28 grrrrrrrrr :D

  6. Gothic

    Reminds me of Elsword for some reason.

  7. Cal

    Looks like it was definitely influenced by Cabal Online, too much similarities with the art style lol, looks pretty good though, I'll give it a try.

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