Kritika Online Pre Open Beta Cat Acrobatics Boss Hacks

I just job changed, I think I will play this class in Open Beta!
The Boss hacked me in the end, I died for no reason lol.

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  1. Shadowbrand529

    Did you die at the boss o.o

  2. MareBear

    this game looks like fun

  3. hard mode

    i dont understan a shit from asians …is this game hard to play if you dont speak kr?

  4. Snow Blackfrost

    Neko class is cute ^^

  5. Tisco

    When is the OBT starting? I guess i'm trying this game out.

  6. Alfimie

    I notice some improvement from the previous Beta, amiwrong?

  7. MintyHusky

    i wanna play this but i dont know korean xD

  8. Tisco

    Awesome, thanks! (:

  9. Dragoon-BB

    I like how it zoomed in of the other chracter playing at the end while you were dead on the floor xD.

  10. KOR562

    The sounds indeed are very annoying lol

  11. Rodrigo Yamauchi

    This game looks faast! loved it! looking foward for the pvp

  12. Sleepii

    The cute sounds she makes while fighting, makes me forgive them for not making a loli class xD
    Sounds so much like a kitty :3

  13. Earl Bustamante

    oh whats ur IGN? Im playing the same Class xD? PM me or Reply back

  14. Maverick Lin

    Blazeblue gone rpg taokaka op lolol

  15. wonderfags

    will this release to SEA?

  16. Gration

    So not fair i wana paly this but can't cause you need to verify you KSSN now =/

  17. Nathan Fontaine

    That was if not the worst boss fight I've ever seen

  18. WhatsEngrish

    i read that she received cat souls into herself

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