Kritika Online Open Beta Character Creation Full

Yay, no more clones! Open Beta on the 26th.

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  1. Gaire Fear

    Was Archeage ever worth going back to or did it lose its edge after a while? I wanna know before it comes to America to know whether I should play it for the long haul or not

  2. Valiant Galks

    w8ing desperatly

  3. HyPerN0v4

    i am happy to see that you know bleach :D

  4. vanni784

    any info about the us release of this game?

  5. ulasyea

    and what if Nexon publishes it Erza? D:

  6. WhiskeyScream

    is it gender lock?

  7. nerunastus

    9:37 Ichigo!!

  8. GhostHunterz

    U Think archeage is worth the play time? i mean of what i know the gathering etc, takes u alot of time, u have so mutch things to do that looks to me that the pvp is small in archeage

  9. ulasyea

    Erza and i know how Nexon kills the game, from Vindictus. they might have good servers etc. but their games are hundred percent pay2win.

  10. Zetta Zorched

    any english version incoming?

  11. Zegamer

    You can play Tera for that. They haz furry lolis :3

  12. Joseph Rosario

    No loli race. My happiness is immense

  13. Cress

    only 3 chars? =S

  14. Ibrahim Wazzi

    I love you stephy! even a game has no lolis your avi is always there C:

  15. Aurora

    more blade and soul!! :D

  16. Jeno

    Idk why? but gender locked games make throw me off :/ I'm probably the only mmorpg player who rather play as a male xD

  17. Meat _Puppy

    bleach reference owo

  18. Vanguard

    you should have more views you preview games i never knew about

  19. Revoca

    I can't wait for B&S to release in English .. whats the website for Kritike so I can DL it looks interresting

  20. Valiant Galks

    D: you ruined it xDD well even if i have to face Nexon +fight gonna try it!

  21. H Ming

    Steparu, will you be doing more gameplay videos and a review of Kritika OBT? On your CBT2 review you said that you were a bit skeptical whether or not to try the next beta release so I'm worried that this will be the last video of Kritika. I'm a big fan of Kritika since I used to play Lunia to pieces so I'd love to see more gameplay videos :( おねがいします!

  22. ulasyea

    can you explain BnS's ned-game content a little bit? i mean are there a lot of things to do or does it lack of content like Mabinogi: Heroes? i took a look at review on your website but i coult'nt get the answers i need, or i missed them :/

  23. ulasyea

    uh… end-game*

  24. Godleene

    lol thats the only reason i want to play a mmo is for the adorable lil loli slaves haha

  25. Nyamage

    you can't cause the game is still close, you have to wait until 26th

  26. Nyamage

    i agree with you but they might add new loli character in the future :D

  27. Jininator

    Is this game available in English?

  28. Néstor Leyva Luzanilla

    i need to creat an account but i don't know korean, can someone help me please.:$

  29. Jeff R.

    Hey,word on any eng guild yet?
    You should make one D:

  30. Cyro-Nydd

    Kind of getting a Guilty Gear vibe here… really gotta say I like that. Could use a non-humanoid race, but I guess they setting doesn't have anything like that.

  31. Saucey Noodle

    so this game is gender locked?

  32. zawette

    is this openworld or dungeon based mmo ?

  33. lulu cc

    One Piece feeling when I look at those each character's animation…

  34. Imperiom

    Dark skinned cloud?

  35. Wallyee Hurb

    Cloud isn't even buff

  36. Deso Fire

    Should've zoomed in on the boobz. Anyways, I'm still hyped up for the game.

  37. Farm4Honor

    Damn. That Gun Mage is fucking awesome.

  38. K Den


  39. ErwinReloaded

    im SOOOOO playing this game february 26, cant wait, gonna create that girl, speedy classes always my choice, also the others one looks freaking awesome, cant decide for my secondary

  40. LegendaryBlazeEX

    When does this game come out?

  41. LegendaryBlazeEX

    For west

  42. Hafizuddin Roslan

    i like swordman like kirito from sword art online … cool n style…

  43. TheLucifyer

    i like swordman like kirito from sword art online … cool n style…swordman with two sword…

  44. Ai Nak

    anyone know the link to download this game ? 

  45. Nicholas Davis

    Hey step. Do you know whether or not your body is customizable
    I don't like bulky swordsmans

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