Kritika Online Mid Level Meowing

Played with my cat today. Meow?

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  1. GotSomeCandy

    When does this game come out for the US?

  2. AuthorityCat

    Cats are good.

  3. Itsuo Hayender

    o nice

  4. Itsuo Hayender

    nyyam :3

  5. iCoNiC-Gaming

    Steparu, Do you have a skype? If so plz add me because I am having trouble playing Kritika and it is really annoying

  6. Andy Ng

    Should I buy an account on NewGameWay?

  7. Fabio Silva

    lol this game is beautiful im crazy for play ahhhh :/

  8. Azeew

    12 bucks for an account? Hm… idk…
    Having a kr friend is not that easy o.o
    Is there any site there I can bag for an acc to someone?

  9. blaze

    the game really fits it style, but the hud/skillbar looks so fucking horrible pulling everything down

  10. challis2x4

    This character is just Hilarious. Steparu how did you even react when you saw this class cause i just cant stop laughing whenever i see her whoop someones ass XD

  11. Bedwyr


  12. RyouKazawa

    I frikkin luv this class so much im putting it in my top 3 favourite class of all time. Thanks for the cat acrobat uploads as well Steparu. i end up downloading them and put them in my phone XD

  13. Snow Blackfrost

    So much nyaaaa xD

  14. nerunastus

    can u tell me ur build?

  15. Logan Smith

    Please tell me this game is coming to North America

  16. Edushian

    i love that nyan character lol…and…I CAN'T PLAY THE GAME

    ( u_u)

  17. Edushian

    i want that too lol even im from south america…

  18. Axel Zakurov

    meow :3 i lub kitties

  19. Mio Minji

    is there any enchanting tutorial? broke 2 crafted items already T_T

  20. Socks

    Hnng love the cat, but I love my Wolf Guardian more ;w; I want PvP already

  21. galonEagle

    Online Devil may Cry?

  22. hardcorepandabear21

    reminds me of dynasty warriors XD I got to try this game. cute class . hahah

  23. TazzY Yo

    Can you please make am video with accont creation on this game.. please! I am disperate to try this game and y can't create an acc… 

  24. Edvard Grieg

    Katarina fed and 14 years old.. norm

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