Kritika Online Mid Level Gameplay Demon Blade

Getting closer to max level :)!
I did a 400 hit combo! Don’t like this outfit :(

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  1. Eugene Leo

    the skill look like dragon nest skill

  2. WinterSouls

    omg this game's hp bar of your enemies and you with your mana bar looks like Dungeon Fighter and the skill slots and item slots o.o

  3. Orenji Renji

    its like cabal + DN

  4. iTeriyakid

    If you put C9 + Lunia + DFO in a blender, this comes out. Can't wait to try it…. Does anybody know when it comes out?

  5. Shiro

    hey steparu how do you even play these games like do you have a korean SS or wat????

  6. duderpeace

    this game better than rusty heart

  7. william wyrick

    Steparu have I ever told you that I am jealous as shit of you!!! You get to play all these wonderful games especially Blade and Soul the one game that was supposedly coming to America but hasn't had a update in forever. Oh please stop informing massively as well of the game driving me insane!

  8. Orlando Rivera III

    i hope this comes to america soon :(

  9. Matthew Rosenberger

    No, it looks like diablo

  10. Jamal Smith

    Hey is there a NA version coming out? if so when is it coming out? would really like to play this game

  11. Catalystheory

    Is this a new job or what? The Japanese server does not have this if i remembered correctly

  12. Zx Burger123

    I got it for free because of razer adder lol

  13. WinterSouls

    Knowing how lazy NA game producers are, we might get this game right after we have grandchildren.

  14. Swen Doring

    Fucking China language

  15. ryan wu

    how can we play in english version 

  16. Like A Crouton

    I'm playing the Japanese version at the moment and having a blast.  All the issues I have with it would be fixed if more english speaking foreigners would give it a shot.  It's very easy to get in to, if anyone's interested hit me up.

  17. DANZi

    wow this game is awesome

  18. ezer bouraoui

    What is the name of this game and did they play on computer or not

  19. michael velandres

    this game are in pc ?

  20. Troy C

    How to max the green stamina bar? any other options than waiting till the next day? I played 2 hours and now its empty..

  21. Christ Bernardo Jois

    Add Me In Japanese version : KazutoMazina 

  22. Anh Thư Ngô Ngọc

    pls tell me how to download this game :3

  23. Matias Pereira

    It's necessary that you know Japanese to play this game?

  24. FlutterSky1

    can you move in this game? or is it like the shitty phone versión?

  25. Paul Canlas

    how many is the max party members? i only see 3

  26. 「Nexro宮水」

    Looks fun but I cannot read nor download it cause I live in the United States :(

  27. ibrahim ersayan

    bu oyunu nerden indirebilirim

  28. Night Otaku

    Lol only Koreans can play lol! I feel so special

  29. No One

    is this game doesn't have jump button?

  30. Murat Kazdal

    sorry but this looks more like a rip of from kingdom warrios too me XD

  31. Erwin Bautista

    Just wanted to throw this out; this game has a NA release! :) Enmasse errybodyy

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