Kritika Online Free to Play Cash Shop Items

Kritika just launched cash shop items :D!
One week event 100% cash back as cash points.

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  1. The Joker

    omg free to play ?? could you pass me the site?

  2. Jazneo Gaming

    click on show more then you see the website

  3. Miguel Gonzalez

    those cash item are of those type of if you buy they make you tecnically a god? or are just visual ?

  4. Jun

    ㅇㅇ 꽤나재밌지요
    이 동영상 주제를모르겠네

  5. TheKittyGamer

    i bet its in the description.

  6. hard mode

    uh, hello… im having this problem here, when i execute the game… wherever i click in the first game menu (there is 4 options) and all of it drive to a what it seems to be a charging screen with the kritica word in the back and a sign hwo appears and dissapears write in korean and it keeps loading and nothing happens, any ideas :/

  7. Mintsie Sky

    Is looks a good game o.o

  8. Christian

    Wow, sweet character!

  9. Desu VR

    Like the music. :)

  10. hovsep56

    why cant i run tis game TT keep getting an error and my pc specs are match

  11. Illeria

    Odd….why do your videos look like it's already high quality even BEFORE it goes to 720p….

  12. Kyle Smith

    you kno it would help if post a video on how to do it

  13. RadKito2000 RadKito2000

    how to get in that shop? I want to buy avatar items so my char would look nice

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