Kritika Online Demon Blade Gameplay Weirdo Pirate Boss 1080p

Boss summons a giant blowfish!? Hits like a truck lol ouch!

Developers: allm games
Publishers: NHN Hangame Korea
Game Site:

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  1. [LP]AbySS

    The special gauge can fill up 2times?(i mean first yellow and after that red)

  2. Ukyo81

    Is the boss's name Hootie? :P

  3. HoroDesu

    Its looks like DNF but in 3D and the skills are amazing. I can't wait to play this game.

  4. Andrew McGarden

    is this action combat?

  5. RazorDudee

    Can you play it in england ?

  6. Xechu

    looks awesome, btw you wer only using the katana i don't wanna know how much dmg will you do if you use the big sword in your back xD

  7. Hantzie

    Girly name on a muscle character? something is wrong D: btw is it instance based, right?

  8. GG Gaia

    In this game we are limited on the amount of dungeons we run like in dragon nest, or we can run dungeons as much as we want to?


    step i can play it from S.E.A??

  10. Eugen_SR

    All these videos you make are cool but could you please make tutorials on how to make account & downlad them ,please? Because some people might not know hot to do it.

  11. Eugen_SR


  12. Josh Eslava

    Another game that is like Vindictus.

  13. Dmacz90

    lol not even.. know what your comparing

  14. GG Gaia

    Oh, unfortunately korean games love that.. Thanks for the info Step

  15. vynnixHD

    It's not because they love it, it's because they must add this system. It's because there is some law preventing too much gametime or so i heard :)

  16. LeagueofNoobsEuw

    do we need a KSSN to play?…

  17. chaoschief

    Can i play this in Canada?

  18. bmin

    You need KSSN for all KRPGs

  19. Alvaro Madrid

    can play this in Venezuela? D:

  20. RapidRelief

    Another person who has no idea what he's talking about.

  21. ArcosJueves

    can i play this in kripton?

  22. Logan Smith

    Please come to the US or make an english patch

  23. Arthran

    Now that is an awesome looking class. I hope a western publisher picks this up soon.

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