Kritika Online Cat Vs Wolves & Werewolf Boss

My last KT video for now. Please check out my review!

Developers: allm games
Publishers: NHN Hangame Korea
Game Site:

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  1. ra gl

    fuck that cat is too cute sounding that I feel like im gonna be diabetic listening to it

  2. amr omran

    game for kids…characters overpower

  3. smokin301

    Eh. it will die in NA, Ill give it 6 months before the servers are empty… just saying

  4. StriHiryu

    I want to play this game nao

  5. DoppelG

    I want to play this game from europe. Is this possible?

  6. Aldra

    Is this ever comming to the west?

  7. Creyne

    Blade & Soul and Kritika are the best MMO's I've seen until now *-* I hope they will also get a release in NA and Europe.

  8. Proto Noxx

    And so trickster online 2.0 was born…jk looks epic

  9. Nomolun Vr

    For some reason steparu she reminds of a lot of taokaka from blaze blue calamity trigger..

  10. Alfimie

    I cant seem to be able tot download this game at over 1bit per sec speeds -.- i wanna play this, anyone has an external link QQ?

  11. Unplayed

    just restart your launcher until you get good dl speed :)

  12. Defeatenonce

    pff mass mmo shutdowns and still alot to come it seems.

  13. Vidar Wolfheim

    she sounds so cute while murdering all those wolves :D lol

  14. gandalfx77

    the cat reminds me toakaka from blazzblue X) I smell food

  15. Energyia-Fitness

    is there a guide to register in english for this game? :o

  16. Kevin M

    Seems like the monsters don't fight back at all….u took NO damage

  17. Kalash nikow

    Shes So cute >w< :3! <3

  18. michael san luis

    hi step!, maybe you can help how to create an account ? ^^ i really want to test this game.

  19. pojzon

    quite similar to Dragon Nest.

  20. LightmareNoel

    is the OBT over? I can't play. when I login and get in the game at the server screen i guess i get a message and then nothing happens

  21. DoppelG

    I can play this game from europe?

  22. Ayrton Vega

    Me imagino como seran los PVP´s o.O

  23. Axel Zakurov

    omfg a pink kitty so cute <3

  24. M.U.G.E.N. Kamekaze

    My question is, is this truly an action game( pad capable) or is it all in the keyboard only?

  25. Krow

    How do you download this game?On their official site i can't understand a word because it's in korean

  26. Makkuro1(真っ黒)

    i feel a little bad for those wolves

  27. Kuma

    It rustles my jimmies that we only get the shitty recycled f2p mmo's.
    While Steparu gets to play this legendary shit. Teach me your ways.

  28. Chris Galford Auditore da Firenze

    You know, I agree entirely.

    Shame good things like DFO and Dark Blood were short-lived thanks to shitty companies hosting them.

  29. Camerie Azelea Manago

    She does sound cute while murdering but those poor little wolves *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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