Kritika Cat Acrobatics Clawing Zombies & Stuff HD 1080p

Meow meow~ I like jumping because she meows :)
I should level her up more, I am wearing a 7day cash outfit.

Developers: allm games
Publishers: NHN Hangame Korea
Game Site:

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  1. junior garcia

    That was both awesome and kawaii at the same time XD ……..-.- wish i had a better computer so i can even consider getting these games !

  2. Phade Gaming

    I have a 58, almost 59 Cat Acro. So much fun!

  3. MDKAI

    That stylish finish

  4. DomoHenry

    All I hear is "Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya~"

  5. MMega159

    O_o ooooo

  6. Creyne

    Nyan Cat without chocolate? xD

  7. Binary Traderzone

    i dont see shit^^

  8. uoi100

    oh wow this is actually pretty smooth o-o the hack and slash games I played can't even compare :/

  9. Metrome

    This game looks fun!

  10. ultama7

    nya ;3

  11. EXOvV


  12. TheOldOne

    it looks like consoles hack'n slash(dmc, gow, bn, vqs) games, but with a multplayer mode

  13. Magnimonial

    Can you still sign up to play Kritikal anywhere? and if you can, Where's the file host o-o?

  14. Magnimonial


  15. Kenjataimu

    If you like hackn' slash you should try out Vindictus

  16. Masta

    is this game only avaiable in korea?

  17. Taylor Heil

    This reminds me of Elsword so much…

  18. Eric Mozzone

    is there a way for US players such as yourself to play this?

  19. Kenjataimu

    Well after the first 15-25 levels it feels like grinding,but i mean the overall feel of the game.

  20. Kenjataimu

    Steparu is part of the gamin press so publishers send him/her games/accounts to play and review.

  21. Egor Korotkih

    яб поиграл бы)

  22. Egor Korotkih

    эсть сервер руский?

  23. ZeroTheScyther

    3:10 Pizza ^-^

  24. Kizu youko

    Shes all over the place. XD

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