Kou Kyou Sei Million Arthur Mobile Action RPG Gameplay CBT

Just trying out the new 5th or 6th version of Million Arthur game!
Has co-op multiplayer, job changes, skill tree, lobby, gacha, etc.
http://special.member.jp.square-enix.com/koukyou/default/index/ — Mobile — CBT — F2P

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Комментариев: 24
  1. Plaguebearer A.K.A Papa Nurgle's sweet boi

    Oh dang looking good :0

  2. 13th Darkness

    Is this the 3th Arthur game?

  3. Md Shohagh Khan
  4. Adell Visco

    Another Million Arthur game?

  5. hiddenbruh

    It looks good, but i really wish it wasnt an instance based game, i really thought it would have been more of an open zone game like Alchemist story :/

  6. 清水凪

    how about excali-nope

  7. Floyd Dominique

    this game look great although i never liked to play this kind of game in mobile, even playing ARPG style mobile game in emulator feels weird.

    i wonder why no one release this kind of game for PC? i'm sure it will be popular :/

  8. Azz-Rushman

    8:37 is that a freaking Dragon's Dogma reference?

  9. André Moraes

    it has auto option :/ hate this games with auto options.. T_T

  10. Princess Of Dumbasses

    Bust Slider is awesome

  11. RageGoria

    How do they keep launching million arthur games over and over again, i'm speechless.

    Also did you just throw your allies off cliff.

  12. Mercenary128

    Another Million Arthur game to watch it fail.

  13. Zoned Manga

    There was no need of a breast slider..

  14. Derek Chua

    Steparu, did you know that at 20:30 you're meeting with two game developers? XD Both with gold color name

    They having a fans meet-up at that time in the game lobby

  15. SnowTV

    Android only cbt?

  16. Brendan Van

    I mean, I'm no fan of the gameplay, overly flashy animations and super cramped HUD/UI.

    But damn, the music is really good. I was actually kind of entranced by the fight and that was moreso an effect of the music than the gameplay itself tbh. That fight scene at that begins at 8:50 is my favorite.

  17. Ace mvp

    This game looks adorable!

  18. Hakuna Matata

    Kawai waifus!? Instant LIKE!! 👍😍👍… Oks my mind is quite simple sometimes, I admit it 👉👈😅…

  19. renziye

    so, the character allies is farmable, or there's a gacha for that??

  20. Kurumi

    This game is awsome, can't wait for the release of it. I try all classes and I prefer Knight and Lacncer more.

  21. Taimatsu

    Can we still register I am having trouble trying to get the code. I scroll all the way down to the black button on the beta site but I don't get a code instead I get directed to another place

  22. Nathaniel Owusu

    6:20 EXCALIBUR!

  23. Diablue

    ios ???

  24. Anderu Uredna

    This game play Remembering me digimon world 4 on ps 2 😀 😀 😀

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