Klee the PyroLoli Skill Preview Genshin Story Dungeon

Trying out Klee for the first time in her story trial dungeon.
She’s cute and fun to play with, maybe need to roll her on release.
https://genshin.mihoyo.com/ PC Cross-platform — Online Single / Multiplayer

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  1. ronn1e2

    i forgot this channel existed

  2. Ahmad Riaz


  3. Pascal

    I made the biggest O face when Steparu popped up in my phone's notification.

  4. Driman Boy

    Will this come to the switch? It looks so awesome

  5. IlovelouisDTV

    dang China is starting to put out some really impressive anime games

  6. Juan Ortega

    Steparu is back <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  7. Cube Chen

    omg steparu!?

  8. ESmith

    I thought only the archer turned into a bird.

  9. Hikaru Hosino

    Sooooo cute 💖

  10. and1rew

    U r backkkkkk yey

  11. Emanon

    now that is kawaii

  12. Keyos

    Found my main

  13. Paul Kaufmann

    Welcome back =)

  14. paku


  15. Franz Dunkley

    O.o step is back? Something good came out of this quarantine afterall


    been looking for you everywhere! atleast inform your community before leaving like this.

  17. Maickel Vieira

    Notice me senpai~~ <3

  18. Berard

    is the window for signing up for this game's beta closed right now?

  19. Rashid Aldossary

    Hiii, What happened to you? I love your reviews!!! welcome back!

  20. Khanivore Z.

    Welcome back Steparu :O Its been so long

  21. ivaness777

    Wb Step i missed you <3

  22. Nykusu

    Looks a lot like Ni No Kuni 2

  23. Amissa

    Wait what youve been uploading for a few days now and none showed up in my sub box??, welcome back Steparuu, missed you ♥

  24. Javier Mamani

    Its back
    Steparu is back

    All hail covid-19 that brought back one of our fav channs

  25. Evan Harjanto

    what happen to steparu? inactive for 1 yr

  26. Yoruno

    wow you're alive, welcome back?

  27. Broccoleet

    Holy sh!t . Steparu is back ! Welcome back!

  28. Broccoleet

    I just barely played the game for like 1-2 hour. Didn't want to spend too much time on it since they gonna wipe everything.

  29. Delwin Reis

    eita steparu esta vivo ainda

  30. SirArchie91

    she is so adorable!!!

  31. V for Vun

    Hello there, never thinks you would come back again. Pretty long huh

  32. Runato

    Wow, I was wondering where you've been and of course my YT never showed me your Genshin Impact vids. It's been awhile since the Mabi Duel days lol. It's great to see you back, hope to see ya around more often.

  33. Oppose Artworks


  34. McFreud

    Run like Araleeeeee!!

  35. Mikagami Tokiya

    Been a while step! Been waiting for a post from you on Facebook too!

  36. Vero

    Could you share what you record your videos with? and Render settings?
    I dont see many uploaded videos with high quality like yours :(

  37. RePoisn

    Totally rerolling till I get her. (Though is rerolling for someone you like a thing in this game?)

  38. Whats it Play?


  39. Anas Bakhit

    oh man, last time as a kid probably ay her age i carried a backpack this big on my back for 2 hours have made me fall ill when I returned home 😖

    when they took me to the doctor he said I carried a weight beyond my limit for too long, i swear it was just my school backpack.

  40. BeKoed

    This game got even better now that I know you can play as a cute loli with an adorable running animation.

  41. GameFuMaster

    2:57 loli experiences her first -orgasm- seizure

  42. GameFuMaster

    3:40 she's so short the lasers can't hit her lol

  43. Crainshaw83

    she is way too adorable

  44. ithildiess

    oh god that is cute

  45. haraheta

    they really nailed the loli character its so good

  46. Hentime


  47. James

    Daaang no voice acting.

  48. ScullyF

    This will probably be the most used character.

  49. d a e m x n

    klee so cute

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