Kingdom Under Fire Age of Storm Tancredi Gameplay CBT1

Review is now up! Check it out below.

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  1. Andrew Luccas

    you really enjoyed this werewolf dint you?

  2. Dark Side

    loco look like

  3. Kitty B

    All mobas tend to look alike. o.O Your point? Plus smite looks awful.

  4. Just Me

    any infos about eu/US release?

  5. Apatheia

    He didn't say anything about smite though. And smite is in Open beta try it before you judge.

  6. Bizazah

    korean smite

  7. Need Water

    i can't down this game, so help me, please!

  8. Lev Adrenalin

    stop saying "it's Dota2 like" , it's MOBA

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