Kingdom Under Fire Age of Storm Online I’m a Wolf

Biting and Clawing Stuff as Tancredi
Working on a review for Monday

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  1. Bigus Dickus

    age of storm is a moba mode or KuF is all like that?

  2. Keith Evans

    Is this like Smite?

  3. Ken Nova

    Kinda reminds me of either loco or smite.

  4. MintyHusky

    Warwick is in da house :D

  5. Aya Yehia

    that was long ago ……… no new videos ?

  6. reznoire

    yer a wolf, harry

  7. Ultrasaurio

    What is the Page?

  8. Jeremiah S

    I think we have enough MOBAs already..

  9. Alk4

    Le gros plagiat du jeux Smite !

  10. TheOldOne

    Smite clone

  11. Dyziel

    Another moba game but this game is better than smite.(imo)


    Steparu, does it feel like LOCO?

  13. Grant

    This is the same thing as smite… just download smite it's in NA….

  14. Jeno

    Warwick! Is that you? LOL jk

  15. Wotanson

    LOL smite rip off

  16. smokin301

    this game makes smite and LoL look like shit..

  17. smokin301

    I would play this

  18. Dragoon-BB

    Your not a wolf your a wolfman you lied to me in the title D:<

  19. winter XI

    whats with 3d mobas and the retarded running animation

  20. Yoo Ten Sill

    WORD, BRING IT SON! DotA is still good though. Smite was never good. LoL was meh.

  21. TheRedcut

    Smite looks better and has not this Asia Schoolgirl screams :)

  22. JAHD Official

    If it was werewolf instead of wolfman be so much better good vid though

  23. Dyziel

    Looks like smite but this game is more polished.

  24. Nightmare


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